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How to Create a Unique Instagram Aesthetic that Fits Your Style


In the middle of a pandemic, people are more careful than ever when they invest in products and services offered far and wide online. As an influencer, no matter your industry and niche, you know that appealing to your target audience, attracting more followers, and creating long-term collaborations with brands takes commitment and creativity.

For that to happen, your Instagram profile needs to be unique and authentic, and you need to allow your personality to pop! In fact, you should treat your Instagram self as a unique and memorable online brand, a personal one that both businesses and individuals can relate to. Here's how you can create and develop your aesthetic on this visual platform and boost your online value over time.

 Be specific with your identity and goals

Do you wish to use your Instagram profile and your visuals to inspire people to invest in their health and wellbeing, to develop a unique style, or to transform their home through smarter interior design solutions? Instagram, together with Pinterest has become the leader in suggesting creative solutions and inspiring stories of all kinds.

How you present yours will depend on your brand identity and your ultimate goals. Take your time to define your goals with your presence on Instagram, and then start learning about your target audience to see what kind of visual content will appeal to them. 

 Get playful with your mood board

Starting off with a mood board is a great way to explore your visual affinities as well as your long-term strategy for Instagram. For example, avid fashionistas that help women discover their own styles will look to specific images that best mimic their fashion preferences.

Whether you're a minimalist at heart so you like the pastels, black and white, or layered hues of a single color, or you're an urban athleisure type with neon as your accents – a mood board can help you set the right tone for your profile. 

 Master the art of taking photos

In places where influencers thrive and competition is fierce, such as Australia, more eager influencers are doing their best to take better, more authentic photos. That is why photography courses Sydney as well as other metropolises have to offer have been abuzz with aspiring influencers wanting to master photography as an art form.

This is one of the smartest investments any influencer can make in order to survive in this digital era. It will give you the fundamental knowledge you need to both discover and refine your photos, and to ultimately develop a unique presence online.

 Choose a cohesive color palette

Photos as well as filters you use should be based upon more than themes. You should choose colors that resonate with your personal and professional identity, especially if you wish to build your Instagram presence as an influencer. 

With that in mind, make sure to plan your Instagram color palette to consistently use a range of colors that represent you and your values clearly. Learn about the psychology of colors and how you can use them to elicit emotions from your audience. Most of all, be consistent so that people will instantly recognize your photo in their feed and take a moment to engage.

 Try out different editing tools

Although you might have become proficient with your photo-taking, whether it's with your phone or your camera, you also need to figure out how editing works into your profile. Why? Well, in addition to wonderful Instagram filters you can use to give your images a more authentic look, you should be able to refine your photos with digital editing tools, and improve your layout capabilities, too.

Plus, why not make the most of tech in general and use scheduling software to publish your posts regularly? Then you'll be able to focus on evolving your aesthetic instead of managing your account most of the time.

Even though you should always aim to offer substance over pure aesthetics, your Instagram profile will begin to gain traction based primarily on your visuals and how you portray your personal brand as an influencer. Start developing your brand carefully with these tips and give your Insta profile a unique edge in your niche!

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