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Personal Camera System and Go Pro DIY mount for backpack

Personal Camera System and Go Pro DIY mount for backpack

I have long thought (maybe a couple of years) that it is a matter of time before we have clothing that has a 'standard' mount inside say the jacket or similar. It may be that on your walk home nothing happened. But like many cyclists will tell you its for the days that something does happen that you wish you had the evidence. Already on cars it would have given my friend a chance at getting to the responsible (irresponsible driver ?) person who's lorry shed a brick which bounced into his car. Video evidence is great for cars. A video should just also detect motion so that it turns on and off as needed and I found perhaps the perfect video product from china for this. I digress slightly as this is about personal mounting systems in the videos case a backpack. Do check the cyclists in London fighting back by having bike mounted go pro cameras getting motorists and bus drivers in digital reality should they decide to ignore you on the road. Equally you may be the motorist and are able to show that it was not your fault. Yes folks video evidence in car in person is a new thing to come. I think car manufactureres will start to build this in in time.

SO staying positive or more so CREATIVE this video shows how to take PVC piping and connectors to make a frame and hold your go pro or other camera. I'm not sure you need to glue it (the inner frame) but would wait and make final adjustments before doing that. I also thought that the arm looked way too long , needed for 3rd person looking at yourself. I prefer outward looking capture as a personal thing anyway it looks weird looking at yourself walking in amazing scenery when the audience simply wants to see what you see anyway.

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We chose this video as it shows very clearly some tips and that you can use ties with the standard mounts to grip on a rounded pole. This you must be able to do for your bike for example.

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