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Flying Drones!

Flying Drones!

I have been flying my Phantom 2 now almost 2 years and I guess it is weather dependant but allow a relative beginner to impart some advice…

You might be interested in any one or a few of the following ways of flying drones.

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Fpv drone (uav) racing

This is nothing like my phantom. In this circle popular sizes for distances between the motor spindles denotes the name of the class. So 250mm down to 180mm distances the diagonal between any 2 spindles. A class 250 or 180 (even210) tells you these things are small. Here is a great video of what that's about it's from the drone racing league and what better place to race inside and THROUGH the Miami dolphins stadium ! And if you liked that then pro drone racing might also be a next video stop for you.

Drone Racing League !

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Aerial Photography and Video

This is one of the more popular entry points into the sport including my own. This is due in part to the Chinese company called DJI. They took the very best of modern manufacture design and packaging oh yes and marketing and made an awesome product. Now we have Phantom 4's and they have new and improved features such as collision detection. These drones or UAV's if you prefer that term (I do in fact) are easy to control and have different levels of electronic support so they are great for beginners. You won't need to be taught how to fly by a rc pro.

Toys and indoor playthings

You of course know that you can buy the ready to go toy drones such toys were wrapped before Christmas and make a great fun present and range in price. But the similarities to their grown up cousins is in name only. They can't be expected to last long as you wont get spares but you get quite a good bang for your buck these days and you can get some really cheap ones from the online Chinese wholesalers like banggood direct. A great pro tip for this Christmas time. Just make sure to order them well in advance.

Drone frame kits

A good 450 sized build it yourself kit. The larger drones will be easier to learn to fly as they make more sense and are less affected by wind etc to the respective control inputs in short I am trying to say they will be smoother to learn on. I think the Yuneeq and DJI ready-made products are great but you can get a kit – you would need to just make sure your soldering skills are up to it. I crashed my Phantom 2 and had to replace the main PCB for about 50 pounds UK. At this point I was forced to learn about the insides of my phantom and it was a good learning curve. Tricky to solder the wires in places as they were trimmed to perfection by the assumed robot lines and I don't have their motor skills

Diatone Tyrant Frame Review and Flying

Go for it !

So there you have some starting points for getting into flying drones. The first method isn't really a starting point but if you're like me it is what interests you most. Then that's good but you might struggle to learn and get despondent and leave the sport of drone flying. If you are on a budget then look for a second hand one that is ready to go. Us modellers are always looking for new stuff and so I would try and find a local drone-flying club.

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