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6 Tips That Will Help You Deal With Stress During Home Renovations


Undertaking a major home renovation can easily cause havoc in your life as you will inevitably run into problems, experiences setbacks and disappointments, have a bunch of strangers parading through your home and live in a confined part of your home until all is finished. While you can't completely avoid the anxieties that go hand in hand with a renovation project, there are things you can do to successfully deal with stress during the ordeal. 

 Have realistic expectations

Whatever the scope of your home renovation project is, make sure you stand firmly on the ground. Don't expect your home to become a fairy-tale castle if you have a limited budget and smaller square footage. Instead, work with what you've got and gather as many good ideas as you can from books, magazines and the Internet that show a similar home project to yours. If you have unrealistic expectations about what you want, you'll only be setting yourself for disappointment and this will surely cause a lot of frustration which will probably affect the rest of your family as well. Luckily, being realistic about the project will help you prevent this scenario.

Plan your project budget

 As with any serious home renovation project, you need to set the budget before you start. However, this can be quite overwhelming and confusing, especially if you have no prior experience. Hiring the services of quantity surveyors is something that can take a huge load of your back and save you money in the long run. These experts are widely used in the construction industry in giving accurate price estimates both for large companies and self-builders. They will assist you in making a budget estimate for the bank in case you need a renovation loan, secure the best terms and conditions with your contractor and see the whole process through, if necessary. The money you invest in them will be repaid many times by getting you only the best services for your buck.

Work with experts

When choosing your contractor, make sure you do your research. Ask friends, colleagues and relatives for recommendations and check the contractor's reliability. Ask to see their previous work, read online comments and reviews and definitely check if they are fully insured and bonded. Get all the agreements in writing, clarify the payment schedule, any upfront payments and permits. Go into all details with contractors, from sealing off the area while they work, to time frames, materials and cleaning after work. Maintain constant communication with them but don't think you must micromanage them. You still need to trust they know what they're doing, but make an effort to be involved in the whole process. This will ensure you don't get stressed out.

Stick to your normal routine

Home renovation will inevitably disrupt your home to some extent, but not necessarily your daily routine. Maintaining normal routines is good for families and kids and if this gets disrupted, it will cause stress to everyone. Try to stick to your daily schedules and wake up at a time you're used to, have breakfast, get ready for work and school, and so on. Work your way around the renovation and find a way to work with it as well. It's all about good organisation and communication. 

​Get the kids involved

When renovation turns your home into a construction site, it won't be a place for kids to be in, but this doesn't mean you can't involve them to a certain degree. They can be a part of the process by doing small and easy tasks as this will show them that they're valued as well, especially when you congratulate them on a job well done.

Take a break now and then 

As much as it may seem that renovations might last forever, they won't. It's easy to lose sight of why you even started it in the first place and how it will look like in the end. Surely, it will be over soon and you'll have time to enjoy your new home, but until you get there, take a break now and then. You need to distance yourself from the whole process to get a better perspective and simply relax. Get out of the house, go shopping, have a family picnic or visit friends and family. You have certainly earned it and you'll be even more ready to work hard the next day.

Home improvements and renovation projects can't be 100% stress-free, but you do have influence over how much you let that stress get to you. By incorporating the tips listed here, you'll be able to keep the stress level down to a minimum, so you can have a wonderful new home at the end while still maintaining a happy relationship with your spouse and children.

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