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Why Is Trading a Great Career Choice for Women


The vibe that the trading industry gives off is similar to the one of the "men-only" club. The doors are closed shut and we can only get a sneak peek of what is going on behind them. However, if we consider the huge shift in gender roles that's been on the rise for some time now, this idea is slowly starting to dissipate.

Lately, daring women are starting to penetrate this market as well, and have actually proven to be very successful in their trading endeavors – maybe even more than men if we dare say so. With that in mind, let's see some of the reasons women have proven to be very successful at trading and why more and more of them should consider it as a lucrative career option.

We handle money differently 

While the fact of the matter is that the end goal any business person – no matter their gender – is to generate more profit and grow their personal wealth, women tend to handle money differently from their male counterparts. While men are more likely to see money as a means to an end, women tend to perceive it as just another element that will help them achieve their final goal. The most stereotypical way to paint this picture is by this example: men are more likely to spend their hard earned money on physical goods that have an expiration date of sorts – fast cars or expensive suits, while women are more likely to invest their money further while still driving in their comfy Prius.

We tend to think long term 

​Furthermore, it can be said that men are somewhat more passionate in their decision-making, which can make them more prone to making rash decisions on the spot. This can potentially lead to a huge asset loss, in case the trade didn't quite go as planned. Women, on the other hand, tend to focus more on the long-term viability of their actions and are thus less likely to make rash decisions. Again, to paint the picture with ever-so-favorite stereotypes – we, women, are the ones who start planning out weddings ever since we're just little girls.

We tend to be more cautious 

​Additionally, women are known for their overthinking abilities. Now, while that doesn't always give great results and can even sometimes be very detrimental to our psychological well-being, in the world of trading it's actually a quite useful "skill" to have. Simply put, being able to consider every possible scenario out there and prepare for it accordingly gives us a sort of advantage in this field. For instance, even though we have our preferred trading style and strategy in place, we don't mind learning how to trade options, since there are some great online brokerage services we could use to learn from.

We focus on simplifying things 

​Next, a lot of us tend to try and find alternate ways we can do things, and we usually focus on identifying the easiest ways something can be done. Now, this is particularly true when it comes to business women who are moms as well. Simply put, moms know that when you play by the book, you end up wasting a lot of your time and energy in vain, but if you "write the book" things turn out much differently. That's why women traders don't shy away from asking for help and seeking alternate ways in which things can be done, which is something male pride can easily interfere with.

Success is gender-indifferent 

Finally, trading is an industry where your actions provide immediate results and success is measured by your ability to perform well. It's also one of the rare industries where gender doesn't play a significant role when it comes to climbing the career ladder. Simply put, if you're good at what you do, you'll have the same opportunity to reach financial success just the same as your male colleagues. That's why this industry is considered a great equalizer when it comes to wage differences which is definitely something every woman can get behind.

​Therefore, if you're looking for a job that will allow you to grow your career and reach business success without having to compete with your male surroundings, trading is an excellent way to go.

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