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5 Tips to Green up Your Workout with Ease

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Sustainability has earned its fair share of hype in recent years, and the hype is followed by a number of brands that have lived up to our green expectations: we now have access to a range of more eco-conscious options than ever before. So, when you feel the time is right to make a change in your lifestyle, you can adapt every aspect of it to fit your eco-friendly mindset.

Your training routine and other supporting healthy habits can make a significant impact on your carbon footprint and help you lead a more planet-friendly existence. Here are a few essential tips to green up your workouts!

1. Sustainable sips

Without a shred of doubt, water is a must-have for any type of training you do. It helps you keep your energy levels up and it gives your muscles the ability to perform properly, no matter how intense the workout may be. Alas, most gym-goers tend to buy plastic water bottles to fuel their training. To put it in perspective, we purchase a million plastic bottles every minute on a global scale, which is just one of our habits turning our oceans into landfills for plastic.

What can you do? Get a reusable water bottle, preferably one made of durable, long-lasting materials such as stainless steel. Insulated ones are a great pick for outdoor activities, too, keeping your water fresh and cool for hours. 

 Reusable Water Bottle

Pretty Metalic Flasks

Large capacity gym dumbelll style bottle on Amazon.


 2. A mindful menu

Just like hydration, your nutrition can be more sustainable and more effective to support your fitness goals. Plant-based sources of healthy protein, fats, and carbs such as almonds, peanuts, and cashews are all great, Earth-friendly sources of energy to fuel your workouts.

Keep a packet of nutritious roasted almonds in your gym bag for your post-training snack, and you'll feel energized and refreshed without harming the planet.

Have you heard about Bulletproof Coffee? Well it's simple toxin (myotoxin) free coffee made with a stick of grass fed butter. The kind of butter is important as much as finding toxin free coffee. You can substitute MCT oils. Learn more and biohack your own operating system by reading Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey

3. Supplements with an eco edge

You already know that leading a vegan life is a far better choice for the planet and that reducing your use of animal products has the power to make a difference for reducing your carbon footprint. However, vegans often find it difficult to manage their nutrition properly, which is why relying on plant-based supplements is the best way to stay true to your sustainable goals without depriving your body of essential micro and macronutrients.

4. Home-based workouts with the planet in mind

Who knew that staying put can be one of the best ways to get ahead with your sustainability goals? Well, if your favorite gym is far away, and cycling is out of the question, working out at home is a great alternative that will help you cut your carbon emissions and protect the environment while staying fit.

You can always get your own home equipment to make your workouts more versatile, but make sure to look for items that you'll genuinely use and that are also made by brands that have environmental initiatives. 

45 Minute Home Yoga 

25 Minute Home Yoga 

Yoga is an excellent choice for those wishing to workout at home. Adriene Mishler is perhaps the best known and most popular YouTuber providing regular non stop sessions you can tune in and watch. Yoga is also great for getting rid of Bingo Wings!

 5. Connect with Mother Nature

What better way to appreciate nature than to spend more time in the great outdoors, exercising, enjoying the fresh air, and making a difference? Outdoor workouts add variety to your fitness lifestyle, while you can use the time to clean your local park by picking up any litter you come across, especially plastic waste.

6. Green gym garments

Old-school gyms are officially out, slowly being replaced by their more eco-conscious alternatives, created to preserve energy, protect the environment, and provide a greener space for mindful fitness enthusiasts. Add to that, more apparel brands are looking to switch to eco-friendly fabrics, so you can now find everything from women's socks made of bamboo all the way to tights and tops.

Not only are these garments workout-friendly and durable, but they are made in a sustainable manner, and they let you choose fabrics that are perfect for your skin.

7. Eco-conscious skincare for your workouts

Although your skincare starts with your gym wear, you should also go that extra mile in cleansing and detoxing your pores regularly to prevent acne and other skin issues due to vigorous training. To do that, you should reconsider traditional post-workout skincare items, and replace them with sustainable skincare products that are perfect for boosting your post-workout glow.

For example, instead of wet wipes, you can use an all-natural soap bar, followed by a nourishing moisturizer with built-in SPF to keep your skin pampered and safe for hours after your training. Look for brands that are vegan and cruelty-free to further support your sustainability efforts.

Much like your diet, your style, and your work habits, your fitness regime has plenty of room for improvements that can empower your pursuit for greater sustainability. Use these tips to stay on the right track and enjoy your green mindset for years to come!


Photo by Luis Quintero on Unsplash 

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