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8 Ways to reduce premature skin aging

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Premature aging is one of the things you definitely want to avoid. The good news is that you do a lot to reduce it. By making small changes in your life and beauty routine, you'll do a lot for your skin. If you're willing to start but don't know how here is a list of simple ways to reduce premature skin aging.

Protect the skin from the sun

To reduce premature aging, one of the first things you should do is protect your skin from the sun. No matter if you spend your day at a beach or running your errands, the truth is that you'll spend a lot of time exposed to the sunrays. For reducing this kind of skin aging, sun protection is essential. Seek shade when you're outside, cover up with clothing, or apply sunscreen. The sunscreen you choose should be one of broad-spectrum, SPF 30 or higher. It should also be water-resistant. To get the best protection, you should apply sunscreen every day to all the skin not covered with clothing.

Apply self-tanner

Getting tan inevitably means prematurely aging your skin. Every kind of tan, be it from the sun, a tanning bed, or other indoor tanning equipment will prematurely age your skin. This all is due to harmful UV rays that sun and tanning equipment emits. Because of this, your skin need's aging process is accelerated. You'll protect your skin more if you just apply self-tanner.

Avoid repetitive facial expressions

Making repetitive facial expressions can cause your skin to age prematurely. This happens because when you make certain facial expressions you contract the underlying muscles. When you do this repeatedly to the same set of muscles, you make the lines permanent. This is why people usually have wrinkles at the corners of their lips from smiling or in their forehead from frowning all the time. Wearing sunglasses will help you reduce skin aging problems since they will give you more control over your expressions.

Eat a healthy diet

People have reasons to believe that eating a healthy diet will prevent damage that leads to premature skin aging. If you start avoiding carbohydrates and excessive amounts of sugar, you will reduce this phenomenon. Make sure to include as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible in your diet to maintain your healthy and shiny skin as long as possible.

Avoid unhealthy behavior

Unhealthy behavior includes smoking cigarettes and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. All of the bad ingredients of cigarettes cause wrinkles and a dull complexion. Alcohol too is pretty rough on the skin. Since it dehydrates the skin, it damages it a lot. If you can't get rid of these bad habits completely, at least try to reduce then to a minimum. This is important not only for your skin but for your health altogether.

Pay attention to what kind of products you use

You should pay a lot of attention to the skincare products you use. Try to get informed of the ingredients different products consist of. If you notice any kind of irritation, such as burning or stinging, throw the product away. Instead of experimenting with all sorts of different products, you can find a way to help your skin more effectively. You can opt for revitalizing skin needling treatments that will help your skin remain beautiful.

Develop healthier sleeping habits and avoid stress

Sleep habits are very important, not only for your skin but for your well being in general. When you sleep, your body has the opportunity to refresh and regenerate cells. Losing sleep will have a bad impact on your skin. In order to decrease skin aging, you should definitely develop a healthier sleeping schedule. You should try your best to avoid stress over the day. Stress hormones will cause your body to age faster. By just bettering your sleeping habits and avoiding stress, you'll do a lot for your skin.

Exercise and take care of the skin afterward

You may not see the relation between exercising and skin aging, but there is one. Namely, exercising will improve circulation and boost the immune system. This will result in the skin's youthful appearance. The best thing you can do is exercise most days of the week. Since perspiration irritates the skin, don't forget to wash your skin immediately after sweating. When you cleanse the skin, do it as gently as possible. You want to maximize the removal of the dead cells, but also to minimize the irritation of the skin. Don't forget to moisturize the skin regularly.


You don't have to give up on your beauty or youthful skin. You can do the bare minimum and still have good results. In the best-case scenario you can follow all these tips and be happy and satisfied in your skin for a long time.

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