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Encourage Your Kid to Learn Foreign Languages


While most of our parents believed that speaking a foreign language was a bonus, we now realize that it is essential if you want to be successful at whatever you do in life. That's why we've taken a different approach to the matter and we now strive to help our kids learn at least one foreign language, though the bar has been raised and many people have a solid command of several internationally recognized languages.

Since speaking more than one language can be a great advantage, both academically and professionally, there is no reason we shouldn't exploit it. Also, your brain gets more developed when you learn languages other than your mother tongue, which can also have positive effects on your health and life. So, what is it that we can do to encourage our kids to learn foreign languages?

Exposure is vital

The most important thing to remember is that your kid will be more likely to acquire a language rather than learn it if you expose them to it at a very early age. That's why bilingual families are in a great position, since their kids naturally acquire two languages. If your partner doesn't speak the same language as you, it can be a great opportunity for your kids to learn a new language. All you need to do is talk to the kids in your respective mother tongues and the kids will soon start joining the conversation. It's not so important in which language you talk to your partner, but the key is to speak to your beloved kids in one.

A similar effect is achieved is you have a nanny who is a native speaker of another language. They could talk to the kids in their mother tongue and help them learn it much more naturally and efficiently. Finally, there are games, apps, songs and TV shows in different languages that can help your kid learn words and understand basic and more complex grammar rules. Whichever exposure you provide will surely help you kid learn another language.

Find the right course

If you can't expose your kid to the language you'd like them to learn naturally, you still have some options. One of them is to teach your kid the language if you're confident you know it. On the other hand, if that's not the case, you'd better leave that job to professionals. There are many schools that specialize in teaching very young learners and you shouldn't have a lot of problems finding the one that suits you. However, you need to be careful when choosing the right institution. You should look for experienced teachers, a great learning environment and a good study program.

The reputable Monkey Tree English learning center is one of the institutions offering all that and much more. Your child can be taught by a native speaker, who will both teach your kid the language and help them get introduced to the cultural aspects of the countries and people speaking the language as their mother tongue. In such an environment, your kid will learn a new language without feeling pressured, which means they will enjoy the process and consequently learn much more efficiently.

Learning doesn't need to be difficult

All kids are curious and like to play and explore and yours is not an exception. Your task should be to use this fact to your advantage and help your kid have fun while learning another language. One of the ways to do that is to use your kid's favorite activities as teaching opportunities. For example, if your kid likes singing, teach them a song or two in that language. Alternatively, find some educational games in that language and let them play. They'll be learning the language without actually being aware of it.

If you also speak that language, use such opportunities to create bonding moments. You can strengthen and boost your relationship by engaging in these language-learning activities with your kid. Making sure your kid is amused and excited about the prospect of learning a language will undoubtedly instill in them the love or the language and the love of learning new things. This will also help them in the long-run, since they'll be more likely to see school as something pleasant.

As you can see, encouraging your kid to learn foreign languages has many direct and indirect benefits. However, if you don't create the right conditions, they'll probably find it difficult, dull and unnecessary, in which case their response will be negative. So, ensure they find it fun, entertaining and challenging and they'll soon start reaping the benefits. 

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