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Best Easiest Way To Lose Bingo Wings Exercises 2023 – How to Get Rid of Bingo Wings


This guide will dispel some commonly held myths around bingo wings AND provide you with a plan to start your journey to getting rid of bingo wings. 

Training for the upper body in the case of males is relatively easy. However, it is not the same in case of females since a lot of fat deposits occur in the arm area. Bingo wings are one such issue that is difficult to cut down in women which particularly hits our summer body goals to a large extent.

Sleeveless or short sleeved clothing becomes a more difficult choice when it comes to this issue. Though, you do not need to panic because there are a few exercises that deal with this issue particularly. Most of the exercises are weight training based and can be easily carried out even if you do not hit the gym. If you do not visit the gym however you will need to be more motivated. Watch the videos here are review the exercises presented in the article. Pick the ones not that you find easy but that you feel out of breath with and work on them every other day if possible.

But first you need to know about spot reduction.

Spot reduction 

Spot reduction was banded around in the 70's and was positively given credibility by the father of bodybuilding Joe Weider. Getting to the point we think that there could be a link to training say the arms giving fat loss to this area first. So if you are not interested in muscle you still train the arms to get rid of fat in this general area. No scientific data existed to back this up it was all anecdotal and 'feels like it works' the last point is an important one too. What's the harm? In fact what happens is fat is lost overall muscle in the area of the arms is created giving rise to 'tone' and it seems like local fat loss has occurred. The points being directly working the arms WILL improve the look of them. But trying to reduce fat here or anywhere by directly working that part of the body is a myth. We think so anyway.

"Most people are now aware of the "spot reduction" fat myth, were you can eliminate fat from a specific body part by itself."

trimmed and toned - http://www.trimmedandtoned.com/23-fat-burning-bikini-arm-workouts-will-shape-arms-perfectly/

Fat on the body 

The best analogy for learning how fat exists on the body I think is a snowy landscape. It smooths out and reduces the detail. So for example a tractor has defined edges but after a big snowfall you see an outline and just about tell it's a tractor. The same must be true of fat. Why? Well fatty tissue itself has no structural stiffness and you can see this on an obese person. It obeys gravity. The amount of fat cells in an area of the body can lead us to the correct idea the male and female body stores fat differently. Bingo wings are an example of this.

To reduce bingo wings then we want to get some muscle in the arm and shoulder area and reduce fat. Sorry we have to reduce fat overall. So a fat burning workout is great- I actually recommend some power yoga.

Yoga For Bingo Wings 

Yoga is fantastic for toning the overall body including the arms. By By Bingo wings! 

Work holistically in your attack on arm fat. Yoga is a full body and mind workout. If you haven't tried it you are missing out. 

Pinterest Arm Workouts 

Unfortunately social media is not fully showing how to do exercises in enough detail a case in point was pinterest. It is great for inspiration and you can get an idea. 

One of the better workouts we have found. At least it is somewhat clear to a beginner. 

Exercises for bingo wings 

So here are a few exercises for bingo wings some which do not target the arms directly have a cardiovascular benefit and overall fat burning goal. We have purposefully included some 'baby steps' activity as you may be pretty unfit- it is unwise to go head and heart strong into exercise not just because of the risk of injury but more because you will simply get fed up and quit.

Walking Hiking

If you are new to exercise walking more is a great way to start to loose some weight and yes some will come off the arms. It can prepare you for jogging.


We have a guide on how to get into running. Start with something well within your ability and don't be afraid to stop and walk. Build up over time. Fat will start to fall off you with some time and application.

Power Yoga and Yoga

This is super effective for bingo wings for the reasons that it gives tone all over the body and is great for losing body fat.

Pushups, Bicep Curls, Tricep Curls, Dumbbell kickbacks, French press, Shoulder Press, front raise, upright rows. Many variations on these exercises are to be explored try to find 20-30 minutes to do 2-3 sets of two exercises per body part. Biceps triceps and shoulders.

Pilates Yoga Fusion

Pilates is a relatively new type of exercise. It works using body weight and a lot of the moves use core strength. 

Weight Training

Use light weights with more reps and try the following exercises for a week.


Bicep Curls 2 sets 15 reps
Behind back BB lift 2 sets 10 reps

French Press 2 sets 15 reps
Dumbell Kickbacks 2 sets 10 reps

Db Press
Press ups - you will be wasted so just go for 2 sets as many as you can do.

Take a day for these areas to recover the muscle you will tear down during the workout. On those days you can hit other areas of the body no problem, do the run for example. Make sure you do get some days off completely during the week. e.g. 3 on 1 off repeat.

Move With Nicole- Pilates Yoga Workouts

Nicole has a fabulous set of videos on her channel that you should look at if you want to improve or really attain the perfect body for you. The videos come in a variety of formats and levels. Enough to make Joe Wicks sweat too! 

 Sample Move with Nicole Video

Arm exercises for Bingo Wings

Lucy Wyndham-Read 

Remove bingo wings

Hey guys i know this is only 3 minutes long and doesn't maybe seem like a lot but trust me you will feel the burn! Try this for 30 days you will 100% notice results 💪🏻 CONSISTENCY IS KEY 🔑

Arm exercises for women

A 5 step guide to help remove your unwanted bingo wings and get sexy looking arms again.


Image - Photo by bruce mars from Pexels 

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