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Taking Care of Your Bed Sheets and Linens

Buying the most expensive set of sheets is the first step, but knowing how to take care of them is incredibly important. If you don't know how to care for your quality certified organic sheets, your Egyptian cotton pillowcases, or your Neiman Marcus linens, you'll basically be throwing your money away. Without taking proper care of the sheets and linens, you'll wear them out far before their time!
Sheet Care 
If you're going to take care of your sheets, here's what you need to know:
Storing Sheets
When storing your quality sheets, keep them nicely folded in a drawer that is cool and dry. Line the interior of the drawer with acid-free tissue paper, as that will stop the sheets from turning yellow as they age. Never store the sheets in a plastic container of any sort, as it will collect moisture - which can lead to mildew growth.
Washing and Drying
You can wash your sheets as often as you want, but it's recommended to wash them no more than once a week. Make sure the wash water is warm - never hot (hot water shrinks the fibers of the sheets)- and make sure to turn any colored or printed sheets and pillowcases inside out to prevent the color from running. Use a special oxygenated bleach on light colors and white sheets, and stay away from chlorine bleach.
When drying your sheets, the tumble dry setting in your dryer will help to dry them properly, but pull them out of the dryer before they're completely dry. This will prevent wrinkles from forming. Always let them dry completely before putting them away, though, as that will keep mildew away.
Other Important Information
A thread count of 200 to 400 is more than enough - any more is unnecessary. Find the best quality cotton for the sheets, as that will make a finer thread that makes your sheets more comfortable. Replace old sheets as necessary.
Linen Care
Not sure how to care for your linens?
Follow Instructions -- On each sheet, pillowcase, or linen blanket, there will be instructions on linen care. Follow these instructions precisely, as that will ensure that you keep the linens in good shape.
Dry Cool -- It's fine to run your linens through the dryer, but use the cool dry setting to do so. Make sure to pull the linens out before they're completely dry, and hang them on a line to finish the drying process.
Iron Damp -- It may not be necessary to iron your linens, but you can do so if you want. Make sure to iron them while they are still damp, as that will be the best time to smooth out wrinkles. Use a steam iron, and set it on a medium or hot setting. Iron white linens on both sides, but iron dark linens only on the wrong side.
Store Properly -- Keep your linens in a dry, cool drawer, and never use a plastic bag, box, or container to store them.
The truth is that caring for your sheets and linens isn't too hard, but it's important to do so. Without the proper care, your bedding will be worn out long before their time.

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