The Parka – An Instant Classic

It's that time of the year again where the sun seems to go into hibernation leaving us with the dreaded reality that winter is coming and it is time to get yourself wrapped up. I came to this realisation last week and I decided that I needed to treat myself to a new winter coat as my current one was looking somewhat washed out and out of date. This...
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Chandeliers - Four key questions you should ask yourself

Chandeliers -  Four key questions you should ask yourself
Chandeliers not only light the interior, but are also a very important esthetic part of the room. They are beautiful pieces of art, and should be treated like that. They can be used in different room styles, but they should always match that style. There's a lot you need to know about them, and we will teach you. Chandeliers can decorate the interi...
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Gente De Zona - La Gozadera featuring Marc Anthony

I'm never going to get my travel review for Puerto Rico written up at this rate you see England is just a busy place and not at all like this....
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Fashion in Different Cultures

Fashion in Different Cultures
​Many different cultures have a lot of different fashion styles and senses, and every fashion trend experienced different variations and changes. Moreover, many traditional pieces of certain countries started overflowing into other cultures. Still, every place in the world decided to keep up with the latest fashion trends while at the same time clu...
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Puerto Rico Music influencing a global market

​Puerto Rico has had its fair share of musical stars you probably don't know them but you probably have heard of reggaton. Failing that then Salsa and Merengue are what you might hear in La Placita when enjoying some of the best latin spirit in the world. Make no mistake Puerto Rico is in touch with its music. It's neighbour has done well...
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Botox or not ? This is the question

Hi Guys ,

This is a subject i am very passionate about and wanted to share my experience with you all.

I remember waking up just after my 38th birthday, looking at myself in the mirror and thinking , Alex you have really neglected yourself. Everyday life, full time work and young children had overtaken my life and I had completely forgotten about Alex.That morning I went for a coffee at Waitrose with my absolutely gorgeous Dutch friend, 4 years older than me, and asked " How do you do it ?".Well she said , " have you thought of botox?" .Had no idea what that was at that point.She explained there was a lot out there about botox negative and positive.She had been doing it since she was 35 as a preventative for wrinkles and really made her feel good about the way she looked. Is it safe I asked ? Well if you find an approved clinic and a good practitioner it really is.  She never had any issues.I wasted no time, I followed her recommendation and the rest is history.My experience has been great. Well for starters .....I was still alive after it :) , It wasn't painful at all, the staff at the clinic were so professional and informative.

They key benefit for me is that it really did work as a preventative on having  wrinkles and believe it or not smoothed out the existing ones I had.I actually used to fawn a lot, especially at work.As a result I had a deep wrinkle between the eyebrows.With botox you cant really do that any more.You start using different expressions, so botox actually take the bad habits away. There is still movement and looks quite natural.

So would I recommend it?Yes Everytime. As long as its done by approved and experienced practitioners.There is ofcourse  those that want to age gracefully and to them that means botox or cosmetic improvements.There is nothing wrong with that.We all are big enough and old enough to make our own decisions aren't we? Botox has really worked for me.Now at 43 I look great and I am very confident in myself. Botox alone didn't do this for me but a combination of factors and changes ( now that is another blog all together ) but it really helped. I do intent to age gracefully too, just armed with botox hehe....... 

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Trendy Urban Apparel is Always In Style, Go Online To Get The Best Deals

When you dress well it gives you an edge that allows you to sail through our society with greater ease. Social scientists have proven that those who dress well have greater satisfaction in their lives and are more respected by their peers. The benefits of dressing well are undeniable, but you don’t always have the time or energy that dressing well requires. With the increasing options for buying online urban apparel, looking good has never been easier or more affordable.

Although there are some benefits to buying outfits at a store, overall it is just as wise to buy fashionable clothing without ever leaving the house. Let’s be fair and non-partial in regards to our shopping options for a moment. When we travel to an actual physical store on our quest to buy quality urban apparel, it is great to be able to touch and feel what we are going to be buying. We use our cars, our bikes, we walk, or we utilize public transportation to look for new clothes. Interestingly enough though, when we shop for our clothes on a computer, there is another kind of pleasure. It is just wonderful to open a package of new clothes that arrives on the doorstep. 

The price and the ease of availability in finding modern clothing makes online shopping a smart option. It is easier and less stressful to sit in a comfortable chair and casually browse through a myriad of stylish models wearing the latest designs in pictures than it is to walk through a large store and comb through the racks. As well, online urban apparel stores, such as are able to offer more variety and bigger savings, because they don’t have the limitations that a physical store has.

Snapback hats are one of the best selling men's clothing items on the market today. The hats are bought by young and old sports fans and those who care about wearing the latest in urban apparel. All of the professional and college sports teams are represented and there is a lot of variety to choose from. 

With Christmas on the horizon, the ability to shop on the internet saves so much time, money, and effort. Keep it in mind if you want to avoid Christmas shopping burnout. Quality men’swear is always a great gift option. Hooded sweatshirts and crew neck shirts are also available with almost every sports team’s name designed on the front.

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Tommy John Summer Fall New Collection

It is great to be a man in an era where I have more options when it comes to finding great, well-designed underwear. Men no longer have to pick between comfort and style, we can have the best of both now. The Tommy John brand is notable for the consistent comfort; no stretching or sagging, even after repeated wearing and washing. They've just released their fall colors for their men's underwear collection, check out some of favorites below.

Tommy John have launched a new collection of mens underwear that you can see some of the range here.

These shorter stye and tight fit are what I would choose alongside the yellows below.

The looser fitting style of short is a prefference for many men.

Grey is a popular underwear colour.

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Celebrity Eye Wear Designers

Celebrity Eye Wear Designers

When celebrities are on top of the world, they often look for new ventures into business, with fashion being high on the list. More and more Celebrities are beginning to use their fame and fortune to start up their own brand of Eye Wear, and we can’t fault them.

Ana Hickmann

Ana is a Brazilian model who was worked for some of the biggest names in the business, such as Victoria’s Secret, L’Oreal and so on. In 2002 the Brazilian model decided to launch her very own fashion line, which includes a vast array of Eye Wear.




Drew Barrymore

This year, Drew Barrymore launched her very own brand of Eye Wear called ‘Flower’ however, at the moment they are all exclusive to Walmart Vision Centres.

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You Go-To Guide For Going Braless On Your Party Day

It's your party, and you can wear what you want girls prom dresses... or not! It's no secret bras can be annoying and well, downright uncomfortable, so if you'd rather go without on your big day, we fully support that. But remember, your girls need the proper support too. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you plan on ditching your bra on the big day.

Know your breasts While size matters in the sense that girls with a larger chest will likely have a harder time rocking the look, bra expert and author ViViDress says that firmness is a better measure of whether or not you can or should go braless. "Cup size is related to band size, so the volume of someone with 40C breasts may be the same volume as someone that's a 38D or 36E bra wearer," she explains. "Someone with firmer tissue or who doesn't have bottom heavy breasts, which is quite normal in many women, will find it easier to pull off." Still unsure? Try on your gown sans a bra and see if there's a lot of unwanted movement. If so, you'll probably need the added support.

Wear nipple covers Structured long prom dresses and dresses that hug the body tight, like a lot of strapless and lace styles, can typically be worn without a bra, says ViVi. "Dresses that are cut on the bias, however, definitely require some coverage." For example, a clingy, form-fitting silk gown will literally show everything if not paired with nipple covers, she warns. High beams on your walk down the aisle aren't exactly what you want your guests to notice.

Photo From: ViViDress Prom Dresses

Have double-sided tape handy Designer prom dresses with plunging necklines are all the rage right now, but just because you don't necessarily need a traditional bra with yours doesn't mean you should shirk all help in the breast department. As Dale points out, sometimes tape is still essential to keep things in place, particularly since you'll be dancing and moving around a lot on your big day. Sweat and warm weather can encourage tape to come off quicker, so be sure to have an emergency kit on hand with extras in case.

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Caps Made Life Easier and Comfortable in Winter

Caps are generally used to cover the head and are worn for various reasons like in winter for protection from cold, in rainy to be on safer side from getting wet, from dust while traveling. Sometimes they are also used as a symbol of religion and in present trend used as fashion accessory. The trademark of using hats or caps goes to men. They prefer to wear caps more than the women. Caps are designed in such a way that they cover the entire head region, so that the hair also is protected from the outer dust particles and even from the weather.

Seasonal caps: Caps are worn at any time. They can also be seasonal and are designed to in such a way that they protect from the harmful sunrays during summer, from rain and even from the cold during winter season. The main change found in these different types of caps is the material they are made off. There are many models available in market for men like ascot cap, service cap, cricket caps, Dutch cap, flat cap, etc. In summer it is advisable to use cotton caps likewise in winter, woolen caps are preferred. Not only for protection purpose, serves several other needs. Players also use cap as their athletic costume and boys of this generation use them to make a trendy impression. Caps are not only available for formal wear, but also used on casuals.

Winter caps: Winter caps for men are made of wool, which covers the head region and even the ears aswell. It is an advantage that the winter caps also cover ears as the cool wind may pass through the ears and attack the whole head part which causes headache and burning of eyes. The winter caps are also of different types like mufflers, monkey caps, etc. The monkey caps surround the whole facial region from the head to chin covering the ears and only parts visible and exposed are eyes, nose and mouth. They are the widely used caps among all. The caps are available in all the sizes as the head size may vary from an individual to other.The circumference of the cap is considered while making a selection.

Purchasing of caps is at ease these days. Winter caps are available everywhere during the season and can be purchased online irrespective to the season. Men winter caps online in India are available on different shopping sites with different models and various colors. Anybody can pick any type they desire for and can place the order online which will be delivered to the address shipped in the given time span. There are also many sites exclusively for the fashion wear and fashion accessories. In other popular shopping sites also they are available under the apparel zone. The payment is made by any means either by online banking or by cash on delivery options. Winter caps are even washable and can be dried easy when required which is not possible with any other caps.

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10% promotion on womens evening dresses - head over to curvissa

There are some great dresses currently awaiting your gaze over at curvissa. And as an added incentive they are offering a 10% discount on some.

Curvissa Chiffon Layer Evening Dress

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Clothing Ideas for the Petite and Girly

Though ladies of all ages and builts are innately beautiful and unique, girls and women of diminutive bodily dimensions do have it tough when trying to put together a tasteful outfit. If you’re one of the petite ladies trying to come up with creative girly clothing combinations for every occasion, we have several useful tips on how to make most of your wardrobe to a highly flattering effect.

Simplicity is the key: Few accessories and monochromatic styles

One time-tested trick most fashionable petite ladies observe, simplicity is essential when trying to avoid the garish, messed-up look. For a polished and straightforward girl-style outfit that makes eyes go up and down your figure in admiration, go with monochromatic skirts and dresses that make your legs look longer and your silhouette sleek and taller than it actually is. Similarly, a sophisticated, simple necklace worn with a wide neck shirt or dress will draw the attention upwards and emphasize your neckline instead of your petite anatomy.

Shapes and patterns: Mix prints and stripes to your advantage

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Top Tips on Matching Your Suit with a Shirt and a Tie

While a suit makes a man, his tie, unfortunately, can be his undoing. The suit-tie combination of a gent tells so much about him, his aspirations, priorities, and of course his style quotient.

It is imperative to find a perfect combination not just to project your personality and lifestyle but also to make sure that you avoid the formal wear faux pas many men commit. The good news is that you only need to understand the principles of matching and master some basic steps to play with colors, patterns and fabrics.

Principles of Matching

The Necktie

First thing first, the proportion of your neckwear must be apt for your body and its color and pattern must work well your suits and shirts. Necktie proportion is related to its length and width in regards to the wearer’s clothing style and body build. For example, a large man wearing a large suit that has wide front should opt for a wider than average tie to balance the look. In addition, the length of the tie must reach his belt buckle.

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Mark Warner's Corsica Family Holiday Review

Mark Warner's Corsica Family Holiday Review

This will have been my 4th Mark Warner holiday split evenly between winter resorts and summer resorts. I reviewed the Levante Resort in Rhodes back here.I did no research on this holiday however I knew that I wanted to go to corsica one day ok it's a resort but you still get somewhat an experience of a country/island.Corsica sits above Sardinia and below the south of france so you are normally guaranteed good weather for part of or all of your summer holiday.Here is the link to go direct to the Corsica Resort on the Mark Warner WebsiteThe resort is located just south of Santa Lucia Di Moriani you will find a good sized casino supermarket here otherwise not much of interest but you can buy some beach things around the town. It doesn't for example have restaurants at least not obviously. opposite the resort check out what looks like a basic veg shop its 


The Good Points

The staff. Always smiling and friendly and helpful to the extreme. Mark Warner knows the importance of this especially when you are trusting the staff with your most precious little ones.The activities and plan for your week.The resort size is ideal - your not too far from anything.

A 30 minute transfer is not too far and helps to reduce time to resort and the start of your holiday.It was supposed to be the cheaper room but the views of the mountain were lovely and I think its quieter than the ocean facing rooms where you also have the restaurant underneath and the pool.

The mostly all included watersports which is windsurfing, small sailing boats like picos amd lasers and hobby cats, kayaks, Stand Up Paddleboarding, no jetski or waterski and dissapointingly no kitesurfing.The menu and food was very good though we didnt take the lunch option see the beach bar limits on snacks.The sunloungers were of good quality and modern - shame that no matching tables where you could put your drinks.

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How Could The Menopause Affect My Sex Life Adversely?

women menopause sex

We hear many stories of the effects of menopause of a woman's sex life, and most of them are negative. It is important however; to make sure that you are getting the honest facts about the symptoms and treatments for symptoms to answer the question of how menopause may adversely affect your sex life. The bottom line is that menopause can only affect your sex life as much as you allow.

Symptoms that interfere with sex

The most common symptom that interferes with sex are dryness and thinning of the vaginal tissues, resulting in painful intercourse for some women. In addition to this, some women report a low sex drive, depression, and hot flashes which can be extremely uncomfortable.

Hot flashes are also an uncomfortable condition which may cause flushing, red face, a feeling of being very warm all over and sweating. This can also cause a woman to feel less attractive to her partner. Low self esteem is also a symptom that may occur. When undergoing such life altering changes, many women need a period of time to deal with and adjust to the notion of aging.

Additionally, other changes which may occur are the natural aging process of the body. This may not apply to younger women who experience menopause very early in life. This is not common, but it does happen. Women who are 50 plus often experience changes such as weight gain, obesity and other health problems. These may also have an effect on the libido.

Treatments for symptoms of menopause

The most common treatment of menopausal symptoms is hormone replacement therapy. Menopause causes the body to massively decrease the production of estrogen. With a lack of estrogen in the body, some women experience symptoms that are severe and troublesome. Hormone therapy tricks the body into believing that it is still producing estrogen, which generally alleviates or eliminates embarrassing hot flashes, vaginal pain due to thinning tissues and lack of natural lubrication.

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Men’s Style Guide | Always In Black

Men’s Style Guide | Always In Black

Even though clothes don’t always make the man, it does take the right man to wear black clothing with style and dignity. Regal, debonair and always trendy, all-black outfits occupy a prominent place in the sophisticated fashion collection of any stylistically discerning gentleman, so you definitely should stack some in your closet, just to stay on the safe side.

Whether or not the all-black look is right up your alley, there are occasions where blacker-than-black attire is a true asset so check out some practical tips on how and where to wear your black suits and garments to a most befitting effect.

Paint it black: Business look par excellence

Though some fashion editors don’t regard an all-black office style with approval, black business outfits do have their upsides. Slick and super-simple to coordinate color-wise with almost any pair of shoes and fashion accessories you have at hand, a hefty stack of wardrobe pieces in black is a welcome staple for a hard-working lawyer, clerk or salesman looking to make a credible professional impression on their clients.

A pair of tight-fitting black trousers and dark brogues topped by a black collar shirt with metal cufflinks or a full-size black suit rounded off with a white pocket square or silk tie and a tasteful watch can do wonders for your business so go and order a handful of customer tailor suits ASAP if you want to climb up the corporate ladder fast.

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4 summer jackets to inspire you

Moncler Hooded Lightweight Jacket

See more and buy or shop now.

Bellstaff K Racer Jacket - Black

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Boss bodywear beach jacket 

A great value minimalist jacket here and with 30% discount code [BOSS30] you get an extra 30% off.Offer ends friday 12th June certain lines only. * eaoe


Discover more in this style now 

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abiti da cerimonia online economici_Wedding Hair How-To: The Bun Rose-Shaped (Nicole Kidman Wore This One a Cannes)

abiti da cerimonia online economici.

Il panino rose-shaped è la mia idea capelli matrimonio preferito del momento,e il mio amore per il look solo continua a crescere ogni volta che lo vedo.Avete preso il blossomy treccia panino Nicole Kidman indossava a Cannes durante il fine settimana,per esempio?

1.Costruire tonnellate di texture.Cospargere testurizzazione polvere alle vostre radici e creare onde tutto sopra la testa (in qualsiasi direzione),preferibilmente utilizzando un ferro arricciacapelli conico come Orbit Chi Styler.

2.Sezione i capelli,facendo una forte parte dalla tempia sinistra per l'orecchio destro;stuzzicare,poi cominciare a fare una treccia sciolta.Come si treccia,si può tirare fuori pezzi per creare un look disordinato.Terminare la treccia con una piccola sezione elastico e via.

3.Avanti,prendere la sezione opposta dal tempio di abbassare nuca e iniziare un basso treccia sciolta.Ricordarsi di tirare fuori pezzi per creare texture in trecce.Sicuro e la sezione di distanza. empire hääpuku

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6 Singers Who Can Do Multiple Vocal Impressions

It takes a special brand of talent to be able to imitate other people’s singing voices. Voices are technically unique, but like faces, they are not all that inimitable. With expert vocal coaching, you can certainly channel your favourite singers in performance.

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. In that case, these following singers (and character actors) are the best flatterers ever:

Christina Aguilera


We can recognise Christina Aguilera’s voice from miles away. After all, she’s a vocal colossus who has been singing for meals for the better part of her life. Imagine our astonishment then when she launched into an on-point impression of her archrival Britney Spears at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, who promptly gave her a standing ovation. Was it ‘shade,’ or innocent send-up of a friend? You decide. (P.S. The Voice judge threw in some Cher and Shakira impressions for good measure.)

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