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Different Type of Lighting Options for Your Dream Home


Lights are the most important element in home décor. In earlier days, people used to install normal tube lights or chandeliers in their homes. But in this present era, when everything is getting revolutionized, why not the lights?

Yes, there has been a huge transformation in the lightning section of interior decoration industry. You will be amazed to see such a huge variety of different types of lights that have come up in the market lately. If you want to have feel and experience of all lights in person then you need to visit one of the lightning stores. There are various lighting stores all around Australia. These stores are stocked up with various forms of modern lights like the track rail lights, floor lamps, panel lights, globes, and so on.

But how would you know what type of light will suit your home décor? Since most of you aren't aware of all types of lights that you can find in a lightning store.

Here We Have Discussed Various Types of Lights That Can Be Part of Your Home Décor:

#1. LED Strip Lights: In most of the lighting stores in Australia, you will easily find these type of lights. LED strip light is basically a long flexible circuit board populated with number of LEDs at a fixed distance apart from each other. You can easily cut the strip of required length for use. They are flexible and can be bent easily up to 90 degrees. They come in various single and multiple color options to choose from. The back of LED strip light comes with tape, just peel it off and stick the tape wherever required. They can be used in bedroom & bathroom accents, cabinet & shelving, outdoor accents, kitchen, hotels, bar & restaurant.

#2. Pendant Lights: The next type of light that you can see is the pendant light. A pendant light is a light single fixture structure having different shapes that is hung upside down using a suspender, usually mounted to the ceiling. These are ceiling lights and hence can be used anywhere in your home. The most common pendant fixtures you can find in the Australian lighting stores are the black drop pendant lights, mid-0century brass light, meshed pendant light, inverted cone pendant light, and so on.

#3. Track Rail Lights: Another most preferred fixture type found in the lighting stores is the track rail lights. In this lighting, light fixtures are attached on a continuous track device that contains electrical conductors. The entire structure looks quite unique and creative, and hence can be used over your kitchen island, in the dining room, and also in your front patio. The lights installed in the track rail system can be rotated in multiple directions to spread the illumination throughout the room.

#4. Floor Lamps: You have seen the table lamps. But, nowanother type of lamps has been introduced. These are placed on the floors rather than keeping on the bedside table or on some tabletop. Most of the lighting stores in Australia have modern floor lamp designs, which can reach till your sofa height. You can place these lamps beside the sofa, at the entry of a narrow hallway, beside the bed if your bedroom doesn't have beside tables, and in so many other places.

#5. Wall Scones: Wall scones are directly fixed on the wall at an inclination in such a way that when the bulb is switched on, it will cast a diverging beam of rays, illuminating a wide spot in the room. The fixtures are designed in multiple ways, which has enabled people to decorate their interiors with some fantastic pieces.

#6. Solar Lights: The various lighting stores in Australia are stocking in the solar lights- a form of illuminating device which works with the help of solar energy. This is a form of exterior lighting, and hence can be used in terrace, gardens, and even in the decks of the outdoor pool.


These are just a few varieties of lights you can find in the stores. There are more such varieties which have made it possible for Australians to remodel their houses and create a charming look with just the lights. 

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