Five Tips for Wide Width Summer Sandal Shopping

Five Tips for Wide Width Summer Sandal Shopping

More ladies sandals are available now in wide width which is great news for plus sized women who no longer have to choose between comfort, style or affordability.   There are a number of shoe manufacturers who are revisiting the market for wide width shoes due to increasing demand for them and creating some fabulous design options.

If you are a plus sized woman and you are shopping for sandals, price is a consideration but what are the most important factors that will help you decide if a popular style is right for you?   To make it easier we have put together a list of five tips for shopping for your fashionable wide width summer sandal.

Choosing an Athletic Sandal

Summer is a time for fun and for playing outdoors all day. Whether enjoying your favorite recreational activities, a day at the beach or a day of shopping the athletic style of sandal offers optimal comfort for women on-the-go. Since the materials of athletic sandals tend to be waterproof, they do not “break in” the same way that leather options do. If buying a synthetic manmade material, ensure you have the right fit at the time of purchase.

For the Office or a Night on the Town

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Get ready for the colourful summer!

With summer approaching we can already see the weather improving and parts of the south of England have even been promised a heat wave is on its way! Phew, and we thought we were going to be stuck in the cold, miserable winter months for the rest of the year.

So, now Mr. Sunshine has peaked his head out and put his hat on isn’t it time we started to think about upgrading our wardrobe from winter to summer? We certainly think so. Throw your thick North Face coat to the back of the wardrobe and forget about it for another year, its time to think about, colours, patterns, t-shirts, dresses, shorts and anything else summer related!

Summer fashion gives us so much more choice than winter fashion does, we can experiment with colours and patterns we wouldn’t even dream of in the winter months. The high street is becoming filled with a fantastic range of summer wear which is just irresistible. Brands such as Carhartt and other streetwear brands are giving us a sporty yet stylish way to enjoy summer this year. Carhartt is available at

As well as Carhartt, Vans and Converse have fantastic new and bright designs for us to choose from, these shoes are the perfect choice for both men, women, boys and girls and are guaranteed to look great and feel great no matter what your outfit choice if for that day. The summer is all about having fun in the sun, so make sure you explore you colour choices and brighten up your day with a bright and colourful outfit.

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