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5 Outfit Ideas That Will Make You A Beach Diva In 2013

With the summer heat, you’re likely to hit the beach more often. Just as you can look stylish and chic at lunch, evening parties and clubs, you can look fabulous at the beach as well.

If you’re a frequent visitor to the beach, a single bikini can become repetitive and easily hamper your personal style statement. Here are some unique outfit ideas that will make you look glamorous even in the sand:

Simply Neon halter bikini, black shorts & thong sandal

Primarily this outfit comprises of a skimpy halter bikini in a plain neon color. Neon colors are in fashion this season, and the halter neck style will look skimpy and sensual. You can pair that with hipster underwear in the same color, or go wild with a complementing neon color.

Possible colors can be orange and pink or green and yellow. Pair the bikini with black shorts on top and simple thong sandal to look effortlessly glam.
Crisp White Bikini, Pink Tube Top & Accessories

White looks elegant and pure if worn to the beach and that is the concept featured on this outfit. For the swimsuit, you can go for a crisp white bikini with a simple metallic clasp down the middle. The bottoms will be white and above that, you can sport a gorgeous tube top dress in flirtatious pink and some white sandals with chiffon flowers.

When it comes to accessories, womens tote bags for the beach can be an ideal option compared to other types of handbags. A large classic bag in nude color, with some detailing around the edges that will complete the overall look. The size will also allow you to carry your beach essentials like sunglasses and sun block easily, while looking gorgeous.

Maillot tropical swimsuit, kaftan & pumps

This beach outfit idea is inspired by the Australians. It consists of a gorgeous maillot swimsuit with a tropical print. Tropical prints are highly in demand on the fashion scenario and the cutest options are the one with the colors green and yellow, along with images of parrots and palm trees on top.

A maillot swimsuit is usually accompanied with frills along the neckline to accentuate your curves. Pair it with a see through kaftan in white or beige and you’re good to go. As for footwear, pumps would look stunning with this look and can be taken off if you decide to go crazy in the sand.

Classic 90s Swimsuit, long shrug & accessories

Want to look ‘French’ on the beach?  Bring back the classic 90s swimsuits with polka dots. This can consist of a one piece swimsuit with a dark blue base and tiny white dots all over. In terms of the design, this swimsuit is halter neck with a deep neckline and a padded bust.

Pair the swimsuit with a long shrug in any color, perhaps something bright like pink or purple. Other cute additions to this outfit can be sunglasses, studded flip flops and a large straw hat with intricate ribbon detailing.

Tankini Top, beach fitted shorts & strapped sandals

Haven’t heard of Tankinis? They’re simple and laid back beach outfits (a combination of tank tops and bikinis) This outfit idea is laid back and includes a tankini top with beach swirls, preferably in blue or aqua.

When it comes to bottoms, go for coverage rather than exposure (fitted beach shorts are the recommended option). As a cover up, a loose and baggy old shirt would suffice. To finish off the look, go for strapped sandals that reveal your cute little toes.

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Floral - The Fashion Trend That Never Goes Out of Style

Floral - The Fashion Trend That Never Goes Out of Style

Have you noticed how some fashion ‘trends’ never actually go out of style? The little black dress, the denim jacket and the skinny jean are all good examples – whilst one of the biggest style statements that remains timeless is the floral pattern print. For those who enjoy a girly-girl approach to fashion, the floral print is a go-to in every season; with casual t-shirts, fitted cotton blazers and glamorous going out dresses all available with flowery embellishment.

Perhaps it’s the versatility of the floral print? With thousands of real-life plants to take inspiration from there’s really no end to how a flower pattern can appear. Beautiful floral prints will do as well to take ideas from dainty daisies as they will from bold sunflowers or wispy wild flowers. Ditsy patterns are often chosen for a formal setting, decorating office wear and elegant blouses. Whilst big brash floral patterns are great for statement bodycons or bright canvas tote bags.

Floral is one of those fashion features that can instantly make any woman feel feminine. Even if you take little interest in wildlife, there’s something refreshing and elegant about showcasing nature’s own beauty. Floral prints allow for a mix of colours – from pretty pastels to moody taupe shades. There’s no need for a floral pattern to reflect life-like plant shadings.

Jewellery continues to be inspired by florals too. Head to the accessorise section of any department store and you are sure to find elegant rose stud earrings and flower shape pendants. Shoe designs also favour floral inspiration; from quirky flower covered heels to petal embellished ballet pumps.

The history of floral in fashion stems (pardon the pun) way back to the Egyptian period. Real flowers were used in garlands and wreaths or worn as a single flower or leaf. The Greeks also used flowers for adornment and in the Roman Period floral inspiration was worked into royal crowns.

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Hot occasion wear trends for 2013

Evening Dresses Online  UK

If you’re looking for evening wear that’s guaranteed to turn heads, the catwalks for 2012 were brimming with statement looks that are perfect for parties. We’ve rounded up our favourite key trends for the year ahead to help you glam up your wardrobe for the 2012 spring/summer season.

Very Berry

If the 2011 Oscars ceremony is anything to go by (and it is), berry hues are essential when it comes to choosing evening wear for 2012. As spotted on everyone from Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis, to Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett, look for deep purples and berry reds to add some red carpet glamour to your wardrobe. You might not be able to stretch your budget to the Hollywood A-list level, but if you’re looking for affordable berry-toned evening occasion wear specialists Coast have just unveiled a fantastic collection in every berry shade under the sun.

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