Three Elements of a Unique Engagement Ring

Every person is an individual, amazing and unique creation of love. Though people share similarities, both physical and behavioral, no two are ever exactly alike – that's what makes us so special. Like the hands that wear them, no two engagement rings are ever identical either. The three aspects of Design, Diamond, and Color define a ring's uniquen...
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Why is Diamond her best friend?

“Diamonds are women’s best friend” – this quote is often used but, what we wonder is why? We feel that all women on earth, love diamonds as much as they love themselves. Well, the brilliance of the diamond that flatters her looks seems to add grace to her beauty every time she puts a diamond in her attire. Gifting a diamond to a woman is always a brilliant idea, she could be your sister, mother or wife, but a diamond would always add that extra little spark to their beauty.

The current trend that has been set is to gift online diamond jewelry for the women of men’s lives. But, what does the diamond or the gifting of diamond signifies? Diamond is an everlasting gem, hardest and with an immense brilliance of it. Gifting of the diamond during weddings or any occasions signifies the everlasting bond that they two share or want to form.

A diamond manifests the idea of “forever” in the context of relationship. The luminosity of online diamond jewelry symbolizes the spark or the charm that a relationship is going to uphold throughout the life. Diamond jewelry is next to elegance and gracefulness. It not only makes a woman look gorgeous, but also adds that “delicate effect” to the aura of her personality. Diamond jewelries are suitable for everyone, you can either choose a heavy necklace or a small pendent embedded in a golden plate, you can go for hoofs or danglers made up of diamonds or simple studs, a diamond is a diamond and in whatever form you want it to be, it will only sparkle and sparkle.

Diamond is like an element which symbolizes an everlasting bond between the two people. Each quality of this gem is implied to the quality of a relationship. The online diamond jewelry is not only a denotation of elegance, but also a status symbol. Diamond is one of the costly elements in the world and that is the reason why, diamond is tends to be a status symbol also.

It is more like, “if you have a diamond, you have a diamond!” women with diamond jewelries love to showcase this expensively luxurious gem to the world. Therefore in order to impress your women, gift her online diamond jewelry.

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Jewellery I've Made With Swarovski Elements

Swarovski Crystals

When I was twelve, I became interested in making my own jewellery from my bedroom. I started out making friendship bracelets and hemp bracelets with shells, but I then started to design and make necklaces and earrings too. There is something quite relaxing about sitting on your own with a pile of beads, wire and tools, and it is very rewarding to see something take form in front of your eyes. That’s why I continued to make jewellery all the way through my teenage years and into adulthood, although I became pickier about the materials I used to do the job.

During my university years, I worked part time at a bead shop which opened my eyes to the range of materials and tools available and it is there that I found Swarovski Elements including many beautiful crystal beads. I think these are my favourite beads to use for making jewellery as they always give everything a premium look, and my friends and family love to wear the pieces I make with them. Here are a couple of items I’ve made with them to get you thinking about your own designs...

Charm bracelets

There is something so simple, yet gorgeous, about using Swarovski elements for your charm bracelets. This is especially true because of the colour crystal hearts you can buy, which makes them an excellent idea for Valentine’s Day gifts, or even as birthday presents. The good thing is that the hearts come in a range of different sizes, which means you can pair up the charms to the size of the chain, as well as the age of the recipient. To use these heart elements, I’d advise using metal loops or good quality wire that you’ve shaped yourself using jewellery tools.


In my opinion, making earrings is one of the best craft activities in existence. You can let your imagination run wild before figuring out how best to execute your idea. If I’ve got a thought about creating a beautiful drop earring I’ll always choose a Swarovski element to do the job as the colours and shapes are so stunning. By using a coloured crystal bead at the top, and then adjoining it to a faceted crystal drop, you’ll make something that would easily be on sale in your favourite high street stores (for a fraction of the price!).


However if you think that making earrings might be just too much fiddly work for you, you could start with making a necklace instead. You can buy wire that is already perfectly shaped for neckwear, although you might need to put a clasp on each end. Before you complete the clasp, you can thread beads onto the wire and potentially put spacers on to stop the beads from shifting. For this job, I’d recommend using a mix of the crystal bicone beads with a show stopping pendant in the centre. One of my favourite designs used a mixture of purple beads with an asymmetrical Swarovski heart called Devoted 2 U in the colour “jet”.

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An Interview with Pangham

An Interview with Pangham

1) In a couple of sentences can you describe your clothing brand for us

Pangham is an East-London based popup stall/store, designing, gathering and collecting all things good and inspiring.

2) What makes the Spitalfields Style Market a unique place in your view

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The latest trends in Hong Kong engagement rings for 2013

It is no secret that buying an engagement ring can be a scary process. After all, not do you have a monumental number of things to think about, but you also have the added pressure of ensuring that you make your partner happy. When it comes to buying an engagement ring, the things you need to concern yourself with include; your partner’s ring size, your budget, and their taste. A great place to start is with the latest trends in Hong Kong engagement rings. If you can ensure that the ring you pick is fashionable then you have already won half of the battle.Before divulging the latest trends it is worth bearing in mind the fact that you will have a lot more success if you opt for a custom made engagement ring rather than ones readily available in stores. After all, it can be very difficult to find exactly what you are looking for when browsing around the shops. However, if you use a bespoke jeweller then you will be able to tell them the latest trend you like and give them a bit of information on your partner’s taste. They will then be able to come up with great designs for engagement rings and then create the perfect ring for your partner. Custom made jewellery is always the recommended option when it comes to a special piece of jewellery.A popular style is a halo setting, where there is one large diamond in the middle of the ring and smaller diamonds then surrounds this. This is extremely popular because it makes the centre stone look bigger and brighter. Not only is this a benefit, but halo setting rings possess an old-school glamour vibe that is very in keeping with the vintage trends hitting the dizzy fashion heights at the moment.

Another popular style is the look of an eternity band. This means that they do not have one big centre stone in the middle. Instead the pattern and the diamonds are consistent all the way round the ring. This is a popular option because it symbolises love that will last for a lifetime.

Thankfully, it is not hard to find a place where you can get the service you need for the perfect engagement ring. The Haywards team is happy to help. The experienced jeweller can create Hong Kong engagement rings suited your partner’s taste and the latest trends. Their monumental number of years in the industry ensures you are in safe hands.

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Red Nose Day – 15th March 2013

With Red Nose Day just around the corner, many of you will be thinking of ways to raise money for the charity. On the 15th March, people will be taking part in bake sales, pyjama days and other fund raising activities to help raise money for Comic Relief. One thing that many schools and work places do is allow students and employees to wear something red in support of the cause.


If your work place is thinking about taking part in Red Nose Day, then why not opt for a wear red day. There are plenty of ways in which you could wear red, whether it’s your shoes, clothing, accessories or all three at once.


If you are stuck trying to find something red in your wardrobe, then why not treat yourself to something new. There are plenty of red items you could choose from to add to your look on March 15th to help raise money for Red Nose Day. Take a look at some of our ideas below.

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