Revive your style quotient with light weight gold chain

In the age of "less is more" anthem, Light weight jewelry is setting a new trend replacing the old, heavy and monotonous ornaments. Jewellery is the medium to express one's personality as a whole. Gold jewelry is a fascination for most women and they adorn them with a variety of jewelry pieces like bracelets, bangles, necklaces, rings and various o...
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Why is Diamond her best friend?

“Diamonds are women’s best friend” – this quote is often used but, what we wonder is why? We feel that all women on earth, love diamonds as much as they love themselves. Well, the brilliance of the diamond that flatters her looks seems to add grace to her beauty every time she puts a diamond in her attire. Gifting a diamond to a woman is always a brilliant idea, she could be your sister, mother or wife, but a diamond would always add that extra little spark to their beauty.

The current trend that has been set is to gift online diamond jewelry for the women of men’s lives. But, what does the diamond or the gifting of diamond signifies? Diamond is an everlasting gem, hardest and with an immense brilliance of it. Gifting of the diamond during weddings or any occasions signifies the everlasting bond that they two share or want to form.

A diamond manifests the idea of “forever” in the context of relationship. The luminosity of online diamond jewelry symbolizes the spark or the charm that a relationship is going to uphold throughout the life. Diamond jewelry is next to elegance and gracefulness. It not only makes a woman look gorgeous, but also adds that “delicate effect” to the aura of her personality. Diamond jewelries are suitable for everyone, you can either choose a heavy necklace or a small pendent embedded in a golden plate, you can go for hoofs or danglers made up of diamonds or simple studs, a diamond is a diamond and in whatever form you want it to be, it will only sparkle and sparkle.

Diamond is like an element which symbolizes an everlasting bond between the two people. Each quality of this gem is implied to the quality of a relationship. The online diamond jewelry is not only a denotation of elegance, but also a status symbol. Diamond is one of the costly elements in the world and that is the reason why, diamond is tends to be a status symbol also.

It is more like, “if you have a diamond, you have a diamond!” women with diamond jewelries love to showcase this expensively luxurious gem to the world. Therefore in order to impress your women, gift her online diamond jewelry.

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An Interview with Pangham

An Interview with Pangham

1) In a couple of sentences can you describe your clothing brand for us

Pangham is an East-London based popup stall/store, designing, gathering and collecting all things good and inspiring.

2) What makes the Spitalfields Style Market a unique place in your view

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Exclusive designs and kinds of Gold Jewellery

Exclusive designs and kinds of Gold Jewellery

Jewellery making is supposed to have begun thousands of years back in India. This is the reason why India is known to have a wide collection of jewellery styles and designs. Just by looking at the design, you can say the category it belongs to. The jewellery that you come across in India will have a certain type of uniqueness that differentiates it from the rest. Due to the fact that this nation was overflowing with different kinds of precious gems and metals, they were effectively used as ornaments, beautifying each body part. This was one of the crucial reasons for people from other nations visiting India. The kings and queens of the earlier days wore jewels to show off the amount of wealth in their possession and also their power and prestige. However, with the passage of time, it became a symbol of investment and financial security. Jewels have always retained their aesthetic appeal and financial worth all these years and are hence seen as an ingenious expression, which is comprised of design and workmanship. Jewellery in India is developed different kinds of raw materials, which includes gold, silver, diamonds and other precious stones, emeralds, rubies and semi-precious stones, such as opal, turquoise and many more. You’ll find a wide variety jewels for both humans and gods. Each region in the nation is famous for different kinds of jewellery design that is exclusive to that particular area. For example, dainty filigree work, which is composed of silver is unique and a favorite in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. Delhi is famous for Kundan jewellery, which is made from both precious as well as semi-precious stones. Jaipur, in Rajasthan, is acclaimed for meenakari work, which makes use of enamel while designing jewellery. Nagercoil is famous for temple jewellery.

Meenakari jewellery, temple jewellery and antique jewellery have a massive fan base not only in the country, but even in foreign shores. Temple jewellery is very often associated to dancers, who perform classical dance, such as Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi. These designs are intricate and are dotted with semi-precious stones in colors of green and red. The set is composed of necklaces, anklets, earrings and pieces that beautify the hip, hair, feet and hair plaits. At present, antique jewellery designs are in huge demand. Very often they are present versions of jewels made from gold and silver but with a faded appearance. Meenakari and Kundan gold jewellery items are seen to have been impacted by the Mughal craftsmen and rulers. These jewels are very much renowned among people residing in Northern India. They rope in enamel painting besides including precious stones. This kind of jewellery design is ideal for designing chokers and necklaces. This particular art form involves flowers, motifs of plants, vines and also animals.

Toe rings and anklets are known as “Bichuas” and “Payals” respectively in India. They add beauty to the feet and are made up of silver. These are usually worn by married women or girls who will be getting married shortly. Sometimes, they are also used as fashion jewellery.


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