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Vintage collective stuffed toys: how to clean and sell them

Vintage collective stuffed toys: how to clean and sell them

 If you have a collection of vintage stuffed toys, then you can sell them off at great prices. At present, several people love to invest in these toys. All you need to do is to advertise in the right medium to get great deals. Read further as how you can sell your vintage stuffed toys:

  • Create an account in any online auction website. Here, you can get several bidders for your vintage collectible stuffed toys.

  • Go to a local toys tipperary shop. Here, the shop owner will sell your toy on your behalf. You will have to pay commission to the shopkeeper.

  • Post advertisement of your vintage stuffed toys in the local newspaper classified section.

  • In case you want to sell vintage stuffed toys on a regular basis, hiring a store at a mall is a great idea.

  • You can also run a yard sale or garage for selling vintage collectible toys.

Additional Tips

  • If you sell the toys in any online auction website, make sure that you include proper description of the toy. Notify any imperfection of defect in the toy. Note: it is important that you build trust and confidence with your buyers.

  • Make a customer database. You can use them for selling other vintage toys later.

  • Do not forget to give your contact information to your buyers. They can contact you later for other vintage collectible stuffed toys.

How to clean stuffed toys (baking soda)

Before you sell off your vintage collectible stuffed toys, it is important that you clean them properly. Proper cleaning will make them regain their lost luster and remove any possible infections.

  • Take a large plastic bag and put inside all the dirty stuffed toys. Make sure that you do not fill the bag with more than one-third space. The toys should have enough space to move freely. You can put both small and big toys in the bag.

  • Put ½-cup baking soda in the bag. Make sure that you equally distribute the soda on each toy.

  • Close the bag.

  • Now shake the bag. This will distribute the baking soda on all the toys. Note: baking soda will remove all the germs and dirt from the toys.

  • Spread a large cloth in which you will take out the stuffed toys.

  • Take out the toys while shaking the bag.

  • Use the vacuum cleaner to remove baking soda from the toys.

General cleaning method

  • Close the drainage part of your kitchen sink.

  • Fill the sink with warm water.

  • Add  mild detergent or dish soap.

  • Put all the soft toys in the warm water. Let them soak in the water for 2-3 minutes.

  • Take a soft toothbrush and clean each toy. Dip the toothbrush in the soapy water to clean the stubborn stains.

  • Open the drainage part of the sink. Let the soapy water drain out.

  • Now rinse the toys under clean running water.

  • Take a bucket and fill it with 1-gallon water. Add ¼th cup bleach. Note: do not use your kitchen sink for this cleaning process. Bleach might spoil the stainless steel sink.

  • Put the toys in the bucket. Soak the toys in this mixture for 20 minutes.

  • Take out the toys and rinse them under clean running water.

  • Leave the toys to dry.

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