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How to store your child’s clothes properly

How to store your child’s clothes properly

Children grow so quickly that often you find the clothes for your little daughter become small for her. However, instead of throwing away the new clothes, you can store them for your younger child. You just need to be careful that you store the clothes properly so that they are not damaged. Here are few guidelines you can follow to preserve you child’s outfits the best way possible.

1. Buy storage boxes for keeping the clothes. Note: heavy plastic boxes are perfect for storing your children’s clothing.

  • Choose opaque and dark boxes if you are about to keep them in an airy room that receives sunlight. Opaque and dark box will prevent the clothes to fade.

  • If you plan to store the clothes in basement or attic, choose a transparent box.

2. Wash and dry all the clothes before you store them. If any outfit needs to be dry-cleaned, dry-clean them before storage.

Note: cleaning the clothes before storing them is very important. This is because moths and bugs that make holes in clothes actually do not want to eat fabric. They look for spilled food on clothes. Thus, if you clean all the clothes thoroughly, you prevent moths forming holes or laying eggs on clothes.

3. In case you find any missing button or torn seam on any outfit, fix them all before storing.

4. Arrange the clothes as per size. For example, you can store young boys’ clothes together and older girls’ clothes together. This will help you reach out to clothes when you need them.

5. Discard the worn out clothes. Most of the clothes that we buy today are not meant for long use. They easily tore apart or the fabric becomes weak. In case you have such clothes that cannot be worn later, it is better to discard them instead of storing them unnecessarily.

6. If you have a special outfit of your child that you want to preserve, it is better that you get it professionally packed. Take it to the cleaners and they will pack your child’s delicate woolen or taffeta dress nicely.

You can do the same with baby christening dresses. The christening dress you buy for your child holds much value to you. You hold emotional attachment with that dress. Thus, to preserve it you can get it professionally packed. This will ensure the longevity of the dress.

7. For the regular clothes store them in a bundle or pile type. Just count the number of piles and store them in boxes.

8. Roll up all the clothes in piles or bundles. This is the best way of storing the clothes. It will prevent creases and clothes will take less space to fit in.

For example, take your child’s dress, fold it vertically and roll it tight in a pile.

9. If you have cleaned the outfits thoroughly, do not keep mothballs with them. Remember that moths and bugs do not affect clean clothes. Moreover, mothballs secrete oils that can stain your child’s dress. So better, avoid keeping them.

10. If you are putting more than one bundle in the cloth, tie the bundles with a tape string. This will ensure that the clothes remain folded properly.

11. Store your child’s woolen garments towards the bottom of the box. Keep the light clothes like dresses and poufy skirts on top.

12. If you have multiple storage boxes, do remember to label them. For example,

Girls – 4 to 6 yrs

Boys – 4 to 6 yrs

13. Always keep the clothes according to the ascending order of size. For example, put the smallest clothes on tops followed by larger clothes. This will help you take out clothes, as your younger child grows. 

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