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How you can plan your child’s birthday party

 You can make the birthday party of your child fun and interesting in a simple way. All you need to do is to plan every detail of the birthday party systematically. At present, you can search in the internet for several easy tips on birthday ideas. Here are few general guidelines on how you can make your child’s birthday the best party ever.

  1. Browse through the different birthday party themes. You can also ask your child regarding themes. If your child is too small, consider his/her personal interests, movies, cartoon characters etc. Decide upon a theme that children in general will like.

  2. Decide upon the guest list. Make a list of all the close friends of your child. More importantly, do not forget to invite the parents as well. This is more important if your child is small like 4-5 yrs old.

  3. Choose decorations for the birthday party. This should go in sync with the birthday party theme. Depending on the party theme, you can buy balloons, streamers and other decor items. For example, if you have planned a Barbie party, include pink as the central theme. You can hang Barbie posters and other items reflecting Barbie’s lifestyle.

Try to include your tablecloth, napkins and paper plates in the theme.

  1. Plan the menu. You can order all the food items from any nearby restaurant or make the food items all by yourself. The choice is yours. Consider if any of the guest has any food specification. Give special attention to cake. It is always preferable if you have the cake designed according to the party theme. For example, a Barbie cake is the best thing for Barbie themed party.

  2. Include games and other fun activities in the birthday party. You can go for the traditional games like – pin the donkey tail or musical chairs. If you want, you can also introduce few innovative games. For the latter choice, you can search in the internet. You will get amazing ideas on innovative children party games.

  3. Arrange for return gifts. Children get highly excited on receiving return gifts. You can go for traditional return gifts like art and craft items or be a little creative. Distributing return gifts in accordance to the party theme is a great idea. For example, in a Barbie-themed birthday party, you can distribute lip-gloss and lip balm to children. They will simply love to have these.

  4. Design the birthday party invitations. It is advisable that you design the party invitations in accordance to the party theme. In a Barbie-themed party, design the party invitation cards like Tiaras. Make sure that you include all the party details. For example, if you are having an outdoor birthday party with attractions like water slides, notify about these arrangements to the parents. In this way, the parents can bring another set of clothes for their children. After playing in the water slides, children can change into dry clothes.

Clearly mention the date, time and location. Also, include the RSVP information.

Make birthday party cards

If you plan to make the birthday invitation cards by yourself, here is how you can do it:

  1. Take white card stock and fold it.

  2. Take a colorful scrap paper and cut it according to the size of the card.

  3. Stick the scrap paper on the front of the card.

  4. Stick happy birthday sticker on the card.

  5. Put some glitter on the card. Let the glitter dry.

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