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Tips on how to avoid being a fashion no-no


The way we dress has a huge effect on our self-confidence and the impression we leave on people. Thus, it's important to take some time and think about the style and clothing items as well as accessories that suit us in style, color, pattern, and size. If you follow a few simple tips and tricks, you can be sure that you'll always look stylish and elegant. These fashion tips don't include investing large amounts of money into our wardrobe or buying unnecessary things. No. They simply teach us how to shop, what to shop for, how to keep our wardrobe neat and organised at all times – basically how to be more stylish with minimal investments. The key is in using up the clothing items you already own and styling them in different ways.

Get rid of things that don't fit

One of the common wardrobe mistakes we all make is keeping things that don't fit. This is not an unusual occurrence and we all do this sometimes. We hold onto certain things even if they don't fit us in the hope that they will one day. We also tend to buy things that are too small or too big for us when they're on sale. This is a huge temptation but we should somehow diverge from this habit. Because, if we buy such a thing, we might end up wearing it, which can be a total fashion disaster or it can end up occupying precious space in our closet. Either way, it's a waste of money. Even for an item on sale. It's essential to make peace with the fact that certain items don't fit you and instead give them to one of your friends or to charity.

Don't buy something that doesn't suit you

This is similar to the previous tip. We sometimes get carried away and buy an item that's trendy or that we saw and liked on someone else, but it's actually not our style. And when we try it on or try to combine it, we realize that we've made a mistake. And the item ends up occupying space in your closet. So, hold onto the tip of sticking to clothes that do make you feel comfortable and confident.

Avoid buying things that you actually don't need simply because they're on sale

Even though we should definitely use up the periods of huge discounts to our advantage, it's easy to make a mistake and buy some items that you don't really need or that is not your style or color. When going shopping during sale periods, it's essential to have in mind the particular clothing items you need as well as the style that suits you and the colors that flatter you. Only with a clear list in your head, you'll be able to resist temptation and buy only the items you really need. The mistake many people make is to buy an item they don't need simply because it's on sale. Let's face it, if you never wear it, it's a complete waste of money.

Choose classic items that are easy to combine

There are some clothing items that every woman should own. These are some classic items that are easily combinable and that look stylish and elegant. The classic items are always a good investment. According to fashion experts, in order to avoid looking like a fashion no-no, you should always have a few essential clothing items in your closet. These include a black leather jacket and a camel color trench coat, for outerwear. As far as the other clothing items are concerned, a white shirt combined with a black pencil or bell-bottom trousers or a classic black pencil skirt never goes out of style. A classic waisted blazer in any color is certain to make any look more stylish and chic. And for the accessories, black court shoes and a structured bag always go with every style you choose. And let's not forget the perfect pair of jeans and classic white sneakers! You can find many classic and yet trendy items at Style State, who offer a wide range of fashionable clothing items. Make sure to check it out if you haven't already as they provide something for everyone.

Try something new

We all have our favorite shops whose clothes we feel comfortable buying. We simply get too attached to particular shops that we forget that are some other brands available too. In order to find the perfect items, we should always be exploring. Make sure to check that shop that you always pass by and that you never enter. Maybe you'll fall in love with some of their items! And in that way, you'll upgrade your wardrobe and style.

These are some simple steps you can follow to avoid wearing and combining some items that don't work for you. In order to look stylish, elegant and chic on every occasion you should know yourself well and what fits you as well as what doesn't fit you and what colors are flattering for you, and if you stick to combining some classic clothing items when you're in doubt what to wear, it's a win-win combination! 

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