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How To Look Like A Parisian Girl - The Ultimate Guide

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Whether you find yourself living in Paris or are just in love with it from a distance, the impression stays the same. Paris is the ultimate city of style and timeless fashion, and Parisian girls are very well aware of this fact. They shine with confidence and sass like no other women on the planet, and this is what makes their style truly special. If you wish to nail your look like a Parisian girl would, follow these few tips and bring Paris to your wardrobe.

 Never underestimate the value of vintage fashion

​Trends come and go, but some fashion accents are forever. Most of the fashion benchmarks come from Paris alone, which is why you should know that even a 60s original Chanel handbag never loses its value. Vintage fashion doesn't mean worn out and old, it means quality. Every Parisian girl knows that designer pieces that are made with care and from the most durable materials have such high prices for a reason. So, the next time you pass by a second-hand store, don't hesitate to jump in and look around. Who knows, maybe you'll find some hidden treasured that someone didn't recognize the value of.

 Get yourself a romantic printed dress

 Can't you easily imagine a girl sitting by the Seine, letting the wind brush her gorgeous hair, wearing a floral midi dress? You can also easily notice girls on their bikes strolling down the street, with their printed dresses floating in the air as if they were posing for a picture. When it comes to nailing the Parisian style, you can't possibly go wrong with prints. Find yourself a lovely Realisation par dress worthy of your style. Make sure you choose the flowy ones in order to truly get a taste of that Parisian feeling as soon as the wind blows.

 Avoid buying cheap designer copies

Coco Chanel herself used to say that luxury mustn't be seen, but it must be felt. You won't benefit much from a cheap copy of a Louis Vuitton scarf just so you can have the logo around your neck. The same goes for Lacoste, Yves Saint Laurent and all other most often copied designers. When you get to feel the quality of a uniquely designed item on your skin, you immediately notice the difference. However, we all know designer clothes can be far too expensive, so it's always better to wear a quality item from a less popular designer with proven quality than a bad copy of Dior. Invest in quality rather than logos, and you will be on the right track to a true Parisian style.

Less is always better than more

​Once again, we quote the amazing Coco Chanel who patented Parisian style as we know it by saying that before leaving the house, you should always take one thing off. Minimalism at its best is what describes the Parisian style. Simplicity and elegance will guide you to the most basic wardrobe you can imagine, and one day, when you find your wardrobe full of grey and black, you'll know that you're close to your goal. Try finding outfit inspiration in some Parisian fashion bloggers and carefully analyze some of their outfits. You will be surprised by the lack of jewelry, heavy prints and overall accessories that you once considered style essentials.

 Sophistication is not only a look

If there's one thing we can all agree on that describes the Parisian style, then that word is – classy. Parisian girls shine with sophistication because they know how their style speaks for them. Darker colors are considered more serious, knee-length skirts call for respect and sunglasses protect from unwanted eyes. Always think about the message your clothes might be sending. Parisians like to go more for the intellectual style rather than a sexy one, yet somehow Parisian girls look even more desirable without having to expose any skin. What is their secret?

To answer this question, we turn back to the beginning of this article to once more highlight the word confidence. Parisian girls love what they wear, and when a woman feels comfortable in her skin, she can conquer the world. So, prepare for shopping and get ready to break through the ceiling just like a true Parisian would.

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