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5 Secrets to Successful Power Dressing

 Throughout the years women have fought to earn their right and position alongside men and their chauvinistic world. Some people would even argue that it was all because the are was right for women to step in and change the man's perspective towards work. However, it is mail due to their strong willpower, commitment, and numerous intellective ways, and above all – the suit. 

Once Coco Chanel started a fashion revolution with women wearing suits, everything else fell into oblivion. The era of power dressing arose, and utterly reshaped the mankind. The key concept of the power dressing style is presenting the best possible version of yourself to the world. And the fitted suit, impeccable accessory, and fabulous shoes can certainly push women forward, boost her confidence and make her glow with assurance. Power dressing doesn't necessarily mean wearing expensive gourmets, but making a statement with your clothes and showing off your self-assurance. Here are the top 5 secrets to immaculate dressing that will make everybody drop their jaws.

 The revolutionary suitsEnter heading here...

Back in the old days, it was all about long dark blue or gray skirt, with a white blouse, a scarf tie, and sensible pumps. Yucky! It wasn't until the iconic Chanel introduced wool-jersey cardigan style jacket with bold black trim, golden buttons, and pockets, worn with a classy straight knee-length skirt. Fashion has joined into the movement of women improvement, and by wearing suits women could easily compete with men in any single ring. There were no obstacles to what could women wear or do. Wearing suits only became even more innovative as the years pass. Nowadays, a business lady would wear a suit in different colors, shapes, and sizes. There are no rules and no limitations. From suits in delicate pastels to bright pops of neon. A confident businesswoman reinvents what is popular for business wear.

A touch of creativityEnter heading here...

Assurance in your abilities and how other people are going to perceive you is important in the business world, especially for the women. There are many innovative ways to alter firm and strict business rules, and here is where successful women can stand out. Don't be afraid to show off the artistic style, play with patterns and shapes. Today it is popular to wear a baggy suit or over-sized blouse and completely rock it. Giorgio Armani started cutting suits with more fluid lines and freer style. After women made strides in the corporate world, so did the wardrobe, and designer and tailored suits became a symbol of power. But a successful woman will expand her creativity and wear different fabrics such as wool or linen suits, blending it with silk, satin or taffeta fabrics.

The majestic accessoriesEnter heading here...

Dressing powerfully enabled more and more women to invade boys' world, thus the designers put an effort to add more feminine symbols into their business-wear. And how else, if not with the powerful and sophisticated details! Fashionable details have always made successful women stand out from the crowd. For instance, if you strive to show off both elegance and skillfulness then wearing black earrings with a monochrome outfit will undoubtedly make you do that. Or if you have a lot of papers to care or a laptop, then you have to combine your business suit with an appropriate leather suitcase. Elegant and useful wrist watches are also a fantastic accessory to wear. If you give the impression that you pay attention to details when you dress, that indicates that you would do the same with your profession.

Everlasting shoesEnter heading here...

The power dressing movement utterly reshaped the game for the power wardrobe. Another essential piece of clothing that every stylish woman has in her wardrobe are the shoes. As the power wear and power suits dignify a successful woman, so do her shoes. Keep in mind that the quality of the shoes is very important. Shoes must match your power dressing and above all elegant and clean. The more pairs a woman has to match and combine, the more confident she would feel. Only, always make sure that you always feel comfortable in your shoes. High heels were suggested as a method to gain height and look more manly, but on the contrary, high heels emphasis sexuality and power.

Embrace the changes 

Pushing fashion forward by looking back and rethinking all previous style alterations and revolution is a good way to embrace your own genuine style. Push the limits of ordinary and contemporary and wear power outfits as it has never been done before. Blend your office-wear with an all-time favorite big shoulder, button-down shirts, and banal pumps. Pair a pinstriped jacket with pant-boots, or sheer leopard-print blouse with a black leather pencil skirt, and so on. Make your power dressing be a combination of surprise, modesty, drama, and nonconformity. 

In the end, it is all about being yourself. Blend the impossible, and display your attitude and femininity at the workplace through your clothes, and that's the biggest secret that lies behind the power dressing.

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