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Industrial Product Design : Future Products 2

Mountaineering Camera Utility Glasses


No he's not in a studio he's climbing mount everest dummy he just makes it look easy. I'm kind of thinking that even being light this is pulling the side of the glasses down so to balance this I would like some ideas of what to stick on the other side like an ice axe holder or portable water bottle.

These are specialised specs which would protect your eyes from the glare and Ultra Violet Light that is so much stronger while in the mountains.

iphone 7


Shame they didn't change the icons deskop design yet. There are ergonomic limits to what we feel is comfortable to hold I want something that exists woven into the palm of my hand sci fy style and the new Total Recall.

Bubble Translator



Learning languages is not a waste of time - Imagine if you forget to take your bubble translator with you next time you go to Japan. Requires 2AA batteries and a cup of fairy liquid sold separately.

Cheap Sunglasses



Data Datum, can you think of a better name for this star trek look alike ! Seriously these shades just look cheap and nasty today but I can guarantee that just as sure as you look good in a onesie the time will come when a single band of product and reflection just oozes cool. Shame that people with large noses won't be able to wear them.

Gaming Entertainment Chair


After a long session of what might be COD 7 in 2020 I am not sure that some elliptical soft shapes is going to help my comfort levels. It does look grand especially with the stitching and color scheme. I think this does work in miniature as a phone holder. Me Gustar - Sorry the batteries just ran out in my bubble translator.

iphone 8 (ate)


See above iphone 7. After going thin and flat curves are once again reintroduced into the new and future iphone.

Purple Haze Jimi Hendrix Beats Audio Edition


What better way to show your appreciation for the greatest guitarist greatest x ever ! The new and exclusive beats audio in yellow and purple haze beats audio. Contact us to buy.

Finger Accelerators - Fingerators


Taking the strain out of any manual work is these futuristic fingerators. Not just awesome to look at and not a massive jungle spider on your hand but a fully functioning way to increase your words per minute.

Again we finish with some whacky stuff thats designed to get you to click - don't try this at home. #FAIL


I guess my short wont fit anymore and I wont be able to travel by air and I will look like an alien roll over in bed and squash my girlfriend.

Incase like me you always misplace your phone this will help, the transparent iphone they actually put the auction name in this ad !



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