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Industrial Product Design : Future Products 3

We continue to showcase the best industrial design and photoshop creativity.

Xbox Automated Controller

As a working dad I can assure you that I don't get the same time as does a teenager and so its really hard to build a decent kill streak in call of duty ! They really need a dads (working dads) category so we can play at our own eternal noob level. I need some help to up my gun classes and short of hiring an individual in china to play for me (under my login) this is the kind of product I could use. Sway left and overshoot past the gobby teenager and oh yes he killed me...this is a thing of the past as a CPU takes over the game.

One to watch

Add up the dots designed as a circuit board to tell the time - I feel this design won't make it.


Its still not true, does this marketing really work for you ! It boggles my mind. Clearly heading back to the 80's with this watch design.

If Apple made Jewellery..

The designer that did this appealed to a few of my weird tastes namely the studded array each side of the glowing logo. The only issue is that its a logo for me but I have seen logo tattoos go well so why not.

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Industrial Product Design : Future Products 2

Mountaineering Camera Utility Glasses

No he's not in a studio he's climbing mount everest dummy he just makes it look easy. I'm kind of thinking that even being light this is pulling the side of the glasses down so to balance this I would like some ideas of what to stick on the other side like an ice axe holder or portable water bottle.

These are specialised specs which would protect your eyes from the glare and Ultra Violet Light that is so much stronger while in the mountains.

iphone 7

Shame they didn't change the icons deskop design yet. There are ergonomic limits to what we feel is comfortable to hold I want something that exists woven into the palm of my hand sci fy style and the new Total Recall.

Bubble Translator


Learning languages is not a waste of time - Imagine if you forget to take your bubble translator with you next time you go to Japan. Requires 2AA batteries and a cup of fairy liquid sold separately.

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iphone 5 design and style review

As often is the case apple products slowly evolve rather than change in a revolutionary style. The reason is that they don't compromise on what they see is their perfection until it has indeed dated. Across all their products.What do you think of the new iphone 5 ?

 I would be happy to own it and there is only so much you can do with a phone shape though I love the pebble shape of the 3.I just think they could have done a bit more..

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