Swimming Goggles For Big Noses

In search of a comfortable pair of goggles that don't leak and you have a big or pointy nose like me? You are in the right place! I tried a good few now and here I present a few options. After suffering with brands such as Speedo while looking stylish- felt discomfort. I found these from Aqua Sphere- a great comfortable fit and no leaks.

The added bonus is the adjustability is simply a joy to use and gets them so comfortable you forget you have them on. What more do you want?

An alternative style is these from Shop Style Review. They look great I will review a pair when my current ones get too leaky. I am updating this article as incredibly I have been swimming with this pair in this video now for 4 years! Yes they have had the outer paint start to peel and the visibility is less than ideal but I thought I would mention that! May even show them in a quick video..

stylish swimming goggles

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Aquasphere Goggles USA ðŸ‡ºðŸ‡¸
Aquasphere UK ðŸ‡¬ðŸ‡§

You may not like the style of the Aquasphere so much but I'm over it and to be honest, they are the best-looking I have seen in their genre. There are many colours to choose from and some darker lenses if you are looking to swim in the sunlight - lucky you.

Otherwise, enjoy the mostly rubber component parts that look like you would in theory be able to swap out the lenses - does this mean you could go for a prescription lens? 

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TYR Tracer Velocity Goggles Review

With 3 bridge adjustable pieces to go at if you have a big nose or high bridge then these could be the pair of goggles to aim for. These are for performance swimming but even if you are an average swimmer they work and you will look the part!

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Swimming Goggle Tips

Fogging up? Don't assume the coating has gone. I gave mine a good clean with a wet wipe and they are as clear as new. I was about to throw them away.

Other Swimming Goggles

Looking for something to spice up your swim workouts - the garmin swim mate is worth a look, you can upload your performance and either just keep track of yourself or the www. I am now using the Garmin Forerunner 55 which doesn't count laps but does track meters inside and GPS for open water swimming I assume but check. GPS it does have for running cycling etc. It is a good all round watch at the lower end.