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How to Fix Common Damage Issues before Moving Out of a Rental Property

Patching a hole on the wall How to Fix Common Damage Issues before Moving Out of a Rental Property

 After you have been living in an apartment even if it has been only a couple of months, there will always be some damage. Because normal small wear and tear are expected if you want to make sure that you fix any damage to ensure that you will get your security deposit back. So, in order to be positive that you leave your apartment in great shape, take a look at some of the common damage issues and fix them.

Holes in Walls

After you took all of your wall decors down, you are probably left with some small holes from nails and push pins. By patching up all tiny holes your walls will be left looking as good as new. All they need in order to fix it is spackling paste, sandpaper and a putty knife. Put a small amount of spackle in every hole, then use a knife to spread it and blend it with the wall. When it dries use the sandpaper to sand down the area until it's smooth.

But if you are left with larger holes from heavy paintings or some other unfortunate DIY's. No matter how the hole was made it needs to be fixed in order to get your deposit back. Once again you will need a spackle, but this time you will also need a patch to cover it up. Once you have your patch cut it so it coverers the hole and a bit over it. Cover it with spackle and after it has dried send down the edges so they bled onto the wall perfectly.

Patching a hole on the wall

 Leaking Toilets or Faucets

A really common issue to look out for is any water that's leaking. A leaky faucet that drips at the rate of one drip per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons per year. So, if you want to store water, you must be so careful of the leakage.

The first thing that you need to do is figure out why and where the leak is. Because the process of fixing the leak is actually pretty tricky, it is better to find emergency plumbers in Canberra and have them fix it. It will not only be faster it will be cheaper than not getting your deposit back or breaking something and having to pay more to get it fixed.

Leaking toilets

 Look For Any Scratches on the Hardwood Floor

Most people in Australia go for apartments that have hardwood floors because they are a lot easier to clean and take care of than carpet. The main problem with hardwood floors is that they scratch really easily, but there are a couple of ways for shallow scrapes. The first way is to rub a walnut along with the scrape until the it blends with the rest of the floor. This method works only with shallow scratches and on light wood. If you have deep scratches you can look for wood-coloured markers at the hardware store. Those markers or sometimes pencils are specially made to fill in and disguise any deep scratches.

How to fix scratched floor

 Fix Any Carpet Damage

If you have a carpet, stains and damage is bound to happen. Start off by fixing any stains, look for any damaged patches or ends that are coming loose. Any kind of damage you will want to get fixed and any stains cleaned off the carpet. Keep in mind that even if you have to hire someone to clean it and fix it it will be cheaper than not getting your deposit back.

No matter how much you don't want to do it, taking care of any damage issues will be worth your time. But once you have refreshed your old home and got your security deposit back it is time to have a fresh new start.

Fixing carpet damage

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