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Genius Ways to Be Instantly More Attractive

Did you know that the way you sit or walk can significantly affect your level of attractiveness? Just as the way you do your make-up and wear your hair can make you more or less attractive, so can the way you walk or talk. If you're trying to become more good-looking and charm others around you, check out the following tips.

Keep the smile on

They don't say that a smile is the only curve that sets everything straight, for nothing. Namely, according to science, people with a wide genuine smile will instantly look more attractive. Just take yourself as a starting point, and think which person you'd be more likely to approach – the one with a straight bland face, or the one with a cheerful expression? So, use every chance possible to turn that frown upside down, and you'll start radiating positive energy that will soon pay off more than you know. Not only will you improve your personal life, but you'll notice that job opportunities will start knocking on your door too.

Improve your posture

Slouching never brought anything good to anyone. From chronic back pain to developing a hump below your neck, bad posture will not be your friend. Instead, to become more attractive, start walking straight up and pay attention to the way you walk. Tuck in your stomach, straighten your back and push your bust forward, while you keep your chin high. You'll look more attractive and more confident at the same time. People who walk straight appear more powerful, and make a real leader material as well. So, you can expect your boss to start considering you for that long-expected promotion you wanted so much.

Pay attention to make-up

When it comes to make-up tricks that will make you more attractive, you should follow the golden rule of less is more. Making your face look as if there's no make-up on it works magic to your appearance. Forget about too prominent a lipstick and smoky-eye look, but go for natural maquillage. Keep your eyebrows groomed and nicely shaped to make the most of your facial features. Keeping the make-up on and looking flawless during summer can be especially difficult, and if you're from Australia, you know that better than anyone. Sweltering weather can wreak havoc on your maquillage, leaving your mascara smudge and making it virtually impossible to fill in your eyebrows. However, all you need to do is look for the best eyebrow studio in Sydney and make sure you have your eyebrows perfectly shaped and always ready for showing off. That will save you precious time when you start doing your make-up and ensure you never go wrong with filling up the eyebrows.

Choose your hairstyle carefully

Your hairstyle is the frame to your face. That means that you should choose your hairstyle wisely and only go for the most flattering look. Do you have a long and wide forehead? Go for the side bangs and layered hairstyle. Hair colour can also affect the level of attractiveness, so be sure to think twice before you decide to have those highlights done. Keep in mind the colour of your eyes alongside your complexion before you decide to dye your hair red. While straight hair sheds years off your face, waves and voluminous curls can often do the opposite. Therefore, choose your hairstyle carefully and keep all the factors in mind before you make the final decision.

Dress to impress

You are what you wear, and you need to make peace with it. That is especially true if you don't care much about the clothes you wear. You need to pick the undergarments and the rest of the wardrobe according to your figure. Furthermore, wearing red shirts, dresses and blazers will give you bonus points for attractiveness too. According to some findings, women who wore red wardrobe were more likely to find a date, unlike women who wore clothes in colours that were not red.

Stay true to yourself

While clothes, appropriate make-up and your posture have lots to do with the way you look, staying true to yourself will be the ultimate pointer. Namely, there's nothing more attractive than the person who is not afraid to speak their mind and share their opinion on anything. In the world where people look too much alike and try to do everything in the same way, having your own opinion will make you more attractive than anything else.

Final thoughts

If you've been trying to look more attractive to your crush, partner or maybe your business partner, and you kept on failing, we've got you covered. All you need to do is follow the previously mentioned tips, and you'll instantly become more good-looking and start radiating positive vibes.

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