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Fashion is ever changing

Fashion is a constantly evolving cycle of styles, with each generation adding their own flair and style to each era. Although fashion designers will constantly come up with new variants and styles, there is no doubt that they may well be influenced as we are ourselves up to a certain age, by the genre of music we listen to and appreciate.

An example of this is the late 70' and 80's which in many ways, as viewed from this time, could be perceived as the rebellious era. With numerous influences from previous era's such as Mods and rockers, then emerged the punk era, with the enigmatic Sid Vicious through to the new romantics such as Duran, Duran and Spandau Ballet. Each of these influences had a dramatic effect on the fashion of their era, and it could be said that in reality in many ways fashion is a mirror of the current musical influences that prevail within a time period.

Another example would be, the 80's pop icon, Boy George, whose band Culture Club, won notoriety and fame not only for its music but also for what was considered at the time as extrovert dress sense which included make up, with a flair that had not been seen before.

Modern culture as perceived during each time period is influenced by many factors which include the ways our music idols dress. Grunge, Sk8ter and such styles are now widely recognised and provided for, by relevant designers within the field and reflect modern tastes, however as indicated, fashion evolves and changes with ferocious speed and what is deemed acceptable in social terms can change dramatically.

There is no doubt that the advent of the internet and social media has dramatically altered the fashion world, with the ability to gauge interest, test potential styles and target specific consumer groups with a tailored approach which only a few years ago would have been time consuming and expensive. Indeed, with the ability to affect social influences with social media, fashion can almost be directed in certain ways to create the desire prior to production, which for the fashion industry as with any other is an excellent benefit.

In terms of where fashion is going, no body really knows, although now it is far easier for both designers and consumer to ascertain trends and potential areas of interest with much greater accuracy than ever before.

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