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A Good Design of Cupboard Helps to Save Space in Bedroom

bedroom-cupboard A Classic Bedroom Cupboard

Simplicity is the key for modern decor. Be it a large traditional house or a contemporary small apartment, everybody wants to give it a beautiful look. To do so, things should be arranged in orderly manner. In modern cities shortage of space is most challenging for building a well-decorated home. Before, one could afford space for building large walk-in closets and storage rooms but now-a-day it is difficult to find out some extra storage space. Designing and set up of a good cupboard in the bedroom can be a good way to solve the problem of storage.

What things can be stored in bedroom cupboard?

Having a dressing room attached to the bathroom is a luxury now. People had to find out some alternate way for solving storage problem. Generally clothes, dresses, shoes, handbags and other accessories are kept within bedroom cupboard. Sometimes extra bedding, quilt, comforter, blanket and pillows can also be stored within the cupboards. Books are in the list of the storage, too. Apart from these, many small things for daily use like, cosmetics, jewellery and medicines can also be stored within the cupboards in bedroom.

Designing ideas for bedroom cupboards

A good design of the cupboard can change the look of the bedroom. For smaller room it is good to build compact size of cupboards while the huge cupboards are ideal for large bedrooms. Most of the cupboards are built on wall to save space and to prevent the accumulation of dust. The interior of the cupboards should be planned according to the users’ needs and demands. For bedding storage the uppermost racks are most suitable, as those are not required regularly. The dresses should be within the easy reach of user for the purpose of daily use and the shoes are generally kept in the lowermost racks. There can be separate boxes and drawers for the storage of jewellery, cosmetics etc. There should also be provision for hanging suits, scarves and other dresses. Sliding doors are most trendy and popular for their streamlined sleek look. Some people also like to have displaying shelves within the cupboards for keeping books and show pieces.

Dual purpose of bedroom cupboards

Bedroom cupboards can be used as a storage space as well as dressing table. Sometimes a mirror is fitted on the doors of the cupboards and the cupboard is designed in such a way that there are separate boxes for keeping the cosmetics and jewellery. It can be used as display box also if planned from before.

How to maintain bedroom cupboards?

It is very important to arrange the clothes and other things neatly to get the best benefit of space saving. If things are cluttered within the shelves, it will take more space than is needed. Separate boxes can be used for keeping the shoes and the shoes must be wiped off clean before storage. The clothes and other things, which are no more in use, should be taken away from the bedroom cupboard to create more free room. Lighting in proper direction is also useful as it helps to find out things in dark. There are many efficient designers and furniture builders who can build and customize the bedroom cupboards according to the customer’s requirements. Setting a well-designed and well-built cupboard in bedroom is ideal for space saving in small apartments.

Meet The Author

Author’s Bio : Diyana is a renowned interior designer and is associated with the field for last ten years. She specializes in contemporary designs for small apartments. Diyana has planned many small interiors with bedroom cupboards, storage bed and different lighting for space saving purpose. Apart from interior designing, Diyana keeps interest in painting.


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