The Essential Item of Clothing to Finish Off Any Summer Outfit

One of the best items you can go for if you want to complete different Summer outfits, espadrilles are a lightweight form of footwear that can be worn as a slip on shoe for heading to and from the beach. Espadrilles are flexible enough to be worn as an alternative to flip flops, and as a harder wearing choice of footwear that can be paired with chinos and cropped trousers, as well as with casual shorts and dresses, depending on the circumstances.

Espadrilles, and canvas espadrilles in particular, were first worn by peasants as an easy to wear slip on shoe during hot weather; they’re actually a bit like slippers or loafers, and can be found in harder wearing canvas styles, as well as lighter cotton versions; canvas espadrilles are best for wearing day to day, while cotton versions are more suitable for trips to the beach, and for avoiding damp weather - they’re also a good way to mix up flip flops with more stylish options.

Canvas espadrilles can be an ideal item to finish off a Summer outfit - being more hard wearing, they can be worn as a comfortable shoe for different outfits, and can be paired with denim and cargo shorts, as well as with white t shirts and blazers for men; the European style of espadrilles also makes them anessential item for a Mediterranean holiday, where they can be combined with fedoras and sunglasses. However, you can also wear them just as well with jeans and chinos.

For women, espadrilles can be worn in plain styles, or with open toes and in wedge versions with strips - again, you can wear espadrilles as a good alternative to flip flops, and as a practical and more inexpensive way to mix up your collection of ballet flats and boots. In terms of colour and style, it’s possible to find espadrilles in brighter prints, as well as with softer, plainer cotton that can make them ideal for the beach.

It is important to remember, though, that espadrilles are primarily Summer footwear - wearing them in the rain or at a muddy festival probably isn’t the best idea, as they’re liable to get ruined if you’re not careful - take the same sort of care as you would with Converse sneakers, and consider having a few different pairs of espadrilles handy if you want to experiment with colours and styles.

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How to dress for an Interview

Making the right first impression is crucial when meeting a potential employer for an interview for the first time. If you are trying to bag your dream job, it is important that you prepare yourself for the upcoming occasion so you know exactly how to approach the situation. To give yourself the best possible chance at getting the job you have always wanted, you must make sure you carry yourself correctly, have a positive attitude and are friendly and approachable.


First impressions are everything and even though we try not to, we usually judge people on their appearance before they have even spoken. Here we have put together a guide on how to dress for an interview that is sure to help you shine above the other applicants.



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