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Gone are those days when women were only confined to the home and household work. Today women are being empowere with high power careers and jobs and they are kicking ass in the GYM! They are matching the male counterpart in every possible aspect of the world – be it sports or fashion.

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5 Beach-Friendly Outfits for Summer

With the summer heat, you’re likely to hit the beach more often. Just as you can look stylish and chic at lunch, evening parties and clubs, you can look fabulous at the beach as well.

If you’re a frequent visitor to the beach, a single bikini can become repetitive and easily hamper your personal style statement. Here are some unique outfit ideas that will make you look glamorous even in the sand:

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Options for buying running clothing increase in the UK

Options for buying running clothing increase in the UK

In the past, dedicated shops selling clothing to runners were few and far between. Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of outlets catering specifically for running and triathlons. Many stores pride themselves on employing staff, who are runners themselves.

Running in the UK

One would think the UK with its perpetual rain is far from the ideal place to go jogging. In fact the all year round mild temperatures are ideal for running as it is rarely too hot or too cold. Since the credit crunch running has gained new popularity, as it is a cheap and effective way of staying fit.

Even a decade ago purchasing dedicated running clothes in the uk was no easy matter. Of course there were plenty of generic sportswear outlets. However, running does put a lot of strain not only on the athlete, but also on the equipment. It is of paramount importance to invest in a well fitting shoe with shock absorbing soles and running shoes need to be updated on a regular basis. The shock absorbing qualities of the materials deteriorate quickly with time even if the shoe is not used. Additionally, the profile on the soles will wear down differently on different parts of the sole depending on a runner's tread and how he or she distributes their weight when running. Continuing to run with a shoe with an uneven sole can put considerable strain on one's joints and damage the hips and knees.

Spoiled for choice

Possibly due to the needs of runners to try on and buy new shoes on a regular basis there are now several high street chain stores specialising in running shoes and running clothing. Most stores offer a dedicated shoe fitting service. This can include customers running on a treadmill and having their pattern of stepping videoed to choose the right type of supporting shoe to achieve a correct vertical alignment of all joints. However, not just running shoes need to be high-tech. Shorts, T-shirts and socks also need to be extremely hard wearing, highly breathable and protective with respect to wind and rain. Having a dedicated shop for running accessories makes it easier to make the best choice according to one's style of running.

Online outlets

There are also many dedicated websites offering running clothing, which are based in the UK. Prices are generally cheaper as companies do not have to face the same overheads as high street stores. Experienced runners can take advantage of their in-depth knowledge of brands to purchase online. However, it is always advised to buy one's shoes in a store after trying them on. Purchasing running clothes in the uk has never been easier than today. One can expect high quality advice from sales staff and a selection of dedicated brands in today's running shops. Having a dedicated shoe fitting service gives stores a clear edge over cheaper online outlets. About The Author Claire Davies is a dedicated runner and cyclists. During the rest of her time she works as a freelance journalist and blogger. She likes to write about healthy life style choices, sports and travel. Additionally, to know more click here for advice on running clothing in the UK.

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The Essential Item of Clothing to Finish Off Any Summer Outfit

One of the best items you can go for if you want to complete different Summer outfits, espadrilles are a lightweight form of footwear that can be worn as a slip on shoe for heading to and from the beach. Espadrilles are flexible enough to be worn as an alternative to flip flops, and as a harder wearing choice of footwear that can be paired with chinos and cropped trousers, as well as with casual shorts and dresses, depending on the circumstances.

Espadrilles, and canvas espadrilles in particular, were first worn by peasants as an easy to wear slip on shoe during hot weather; they’re actually a bit like slippers or loafers, and can be found in harder wearing canvas styles, as well as lighter cotton versions; canvas espadrilles are best for wearing day to day, while cotton versions are more suitable for trips to the beach, and for avoiding damp weather - they’re also a good way to mix up flip flops with more stylish options.

Canvas espadrilles can be an ideal item to finish off a Summer outfit - being more hard wearing, they can be worn as a comfortable shoe for different outfits, and can be paired with denim and cargo shorts, as well as with white t shirts and blazers for men; the European style of espadrilles also makes them anessential item for a Mediterranean holiday, where they can be combined with fedoras and sunglasses. However, you can also wear them just as well with jeans and chinos.

For women, espadrilles can be worn in plain styles, or with open toes and in wedge versions with strips - again, you can wear espadrilles as a good alternative to flip flops, and as a practical and more inexpensive way to mix up your collection of ballet flats and boots. In terms of colour and style, it’s possible to find espadrilles in brighter prints, as well as with softer, plainer cotton that can make them ideal for the beach.

It is important to remember, though, that espadrilles are primarily Summer footwear - wearing them in the rain or at a muddy festival probably isn’t the best idea, as they’re liable to get ruined if you’re not careful - take the same sort of care as you would with Converse sneakers, and consider having a few different pairs of espadrilles handy if you want to experiment with colours and styles.

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Top 3 Outdoor Clothing Brands

The North Face

The North face brand was established in 1968 in San Francisco. The name was chosen because the north face of a mountain in the northern hemisphere is generally the most difficult face to climb. By the 1980s, skiwear was added to the line of products, and eventually camping equipment was added as well. The North Face is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the VF Corporation.


Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia's founder, got his start as a climber in 1953 as a 14-year-old. Yvon’s love for climbing grew and he met otgers who shared his love for the adventure. Patagonia began to see clothing as a way to help support the marginally profitable hardware business, and by 1972 they were selling polyurethane rain cagoules and bivouac sacks from Scotland, boiled-wool gloves and mittens from Austria, and hand-knit reversible "schizo" hats from Boulder. You can find this, along wuith many other top outdoor clothing brands at

Mountain Equipment

Mountain Equipment was established in 1961 and since have been equipping expeditions for the hardest conditions on Earth. They have participated in every British first ascent of an 8000m peak, been part of more than 175 Everest summits by International Mountain Guides and Sherpas and equipped unsupported trips to the North and South Poles.

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