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Role of Mobile Phones in Our Day to Day Life

Role of Mobile Phones in Our Day to Day Life

Mobile phones have become more of a necessity rather than an accessory. Earlier people carried a mobile phone for the express purpose of talking to people- staying in touch while out and around was amazing (yes unthinkable now). They found it a means to communicate with people but now, the demand (or application) of mobile phones has increased to such a high extent that it has emerged an important necessity for everyone to carry out their day to day activities. Here are some of the key things we use our mobile phones for:

For listening..

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Uses of Mobile Phones

  1. Telephone
  2. Messaging
  3. Music Player (P.S. Have you seen this next generation set of Airpods? >> Click Here 4 Next Gen Airpod Clones <<)
  4. Podcast Player
  5. Camera
  6. Web browser
  7. Applications Operating System (Basically running all kinds of Apps)
  8. Creating Tik Tok etc
  9. Networking

The marketing angle

As we spend so long on our mobile phones and a lot of that within social media the marketing angle needs a mention. Brands and companies need to get in your face and that means advertising through these 'channels'. Channels are specific places or ways to market. TV is a channel for example in marketing speak.

How long can you last without your phone? Test yourself.. 

Many people have left wearing watches, the reason being they have their mobile phones for the time. People use it as a calculator to perform their calculations. People have reminders, organizers, to do list set in their mobile phones to remind them of the important meetings, occasions and events. It performs the function of an alarm and helps in waking them up. SMS has cut down the importance of letters. Now you can say all you need with the help of Short Message Service.

Mobile Phone Gadgets

You don’t need a DVD player, a walkman to listen to songs or watch movies now. All this is fun for you on your mobile phone. With the launch of Smartphones, the role of mobile phones in our life has increased devastatingly. One can watch live TV, live videos, concerts, Live Sports etc. there is nothing hidden. Browse the internet at lightning fast speed on the go.  Make the presentation for your meeting while you are travelling. Click as many photos you want, make a video and share it with friends and family in just seconds. There is no need for you to carry a camera now.

Are you obsessed with your cell phone?

Play as many games as you want to on the go to pass your time. Download movies and watch it for your time pass. You cannot ignore the usability and functionality of your mobile phone. It has become the necessity for people of all ages. Right before, you think of ignoring it, you will find it’s another use. Right from getting up with a mobile alarm to the last need of the night of bidding goodnight to your friends, mobile phone serves it all.

Thus, mobile phone is a compact robust device which offers you everything and anything. Browse your phone and search for the destination; you have been looking at via GPS. Use its audio speaker technology and bring life to a boring party. Even if your relatives stay at an international location, you can do video calling to them and stay in close contact. Other than the basic features, mobile phones are the best accessory which the young generation loves to flaunt. These days Smartphones is one of the gadgets which people love to flaunt and show off. More or less, it is a status symbol. 

Thus, get the maximum benefit and show it to all. It is a great accessory and a need for everyone. Be it a young person or an old person, mobile phones have successfully captured everybody’s life and heart. This is the best way you can use a mobile phone.

Use of mobile infographic. Source : https://joaogeraldes.wordpress.com/2010/09/07/38-infographic-explores-mobile-phone-evolution-facts-figures-history-statistics/

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