Tommy John Summer Fall New Collection

It is great to be a man in an era where I have more options when it comes to finding great, well-designed underwear. Men no longer have to pick between comfort and style, we can have the best of both now. The Tommy John brand is notable for the consistent comfort; no stretching or sagging, even after repeated wearing and washing. They've just released their fall colors for their men's underwear collection, check out some of favorites below.

Tommy John have launched a new collection of mens underwear that you can see some of the range here.

These shorter stye and tight fit are what I would choose alongside the yellows below.

The looser fitting style of short is a prefference for many men.

Grey is a popular underwear colour.

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Men’s Style Guide | Always In Black

Men’s Style Guide | Always In Black

Even though clothes don’t always make the man, it does take the right man to wear black clothing with style and dignity. Regal, debonair and always trendy, all-black outfits occupy a prominent place in the sophisticated fashion collection of any stylistically discerning gentleman, so you definitely should stack some in your closet, just to stay on the safe side.

Whether or not the all-black look is right up your alley, there are occasions where blacker-than-black attire is a true asset so check out some practical tips on how and where to wear your black suits and garments to a most befitting effect.

Paint it black: Business look par excellence

Though some fashion editors don’t regard an all-black office style with approval, black business outfits do have their upsides. Slick and super-simple to coordinate color-wise with almost any pair of shoes and fashion accessories you have at hand, a hefty stack of wardrobe pieces in black is a welcome staple for a hard-working lawyer, clerk or salesman looking to make a credible professional impression on their clients.

A pair of tight-fitting black trousers and dark brogues topped by a black collar shirt with metal cufflinks or a full-size black suit rounded off with a white pocket square or silk tie and a tasteful watch can do wonders for your business so go and order a handful of customer tailor suits ASAP if you want to climb up the corporate ladder fast.

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Top Tips on Choosing Linen Shirts

When the summer sun is at its worst, the best way to beat the heat is to go the natural route with your fabrics and fibers. So, whether you are dressing for a formal event or a casual one, consider linen shirts. The key factor that makes most men think twice before choosing linen shirts is the fact that they wrinkle. But if you let this stop you, you are losing out on all that linen has to offer, from the wide range of textures, weights and forms to colors and even natural, undyed fabric. This is one fabric that is easy to care for and extremely comfortable to wear.

How to Choose Linen Shirts

The long and lustrous fibers of the flax plan have been processed into linen, possibly since the time man decided to wear clothes! These fibers are dirt resistant, free of lint and much stronger than cotton. The natural wax in this fiber gives it a luster, unlike any other natural fiber. Linen is the choice summer, given its highly absorbent quality. Best of all, manufacturers have responded to the consumer’s concerns about wrinkling by developing methods, such as fusing synthetic resins with the flax fiber, to keep linen shirts looking crisp, yet soft, even with wear.

Now that we’ve convinced you that linen shirts are the way to go this summer, here are some of the things to look for while making a purchase:

$1·         Check the stitching: One thing that you should know about linen shirts is that this fabric makes every seam stand out. Therefore, the stitching should be seamlessly (pun not intended) integrated with the pattern and weave of the shirt. Whether there are pin-tucks, welt pockets or stitched hems, the stitching should follow the inherent geometry of the design. They type of stitching also varies with the weight of the fabric.

$1·         Pleats: This is one fabric that gives beautiful pleats. If folded properly lengthwise or across the grain, the shirt will not ripple at the pleats. Pleating will affect the way the garment falls over your body. Make sure you iron the pleats well to keep them from splaying open when you wear the garment.

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Hottest mens streetwear brands for 2013

What are some of the best men’s street wear brands to look out for in 2013? When selecting a streetwear brand, it’s best to look at companies that have innovated across multiple areas, whether means shoes, t shirts, sweatshirts, or any other item that can be enhanced through a particular brand. Some of the best streetwear brands that are currently worth checking out are influenced by everything from 1980s skater trends to smarter styles, and make the most of tailoring and customisation to really stand out for wearers. Notable streetwear brands include:


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2013 Prada Menswear

Prada has always been known for their sleekness, simplicity, attention to detail and most importantly, elegance. Men and women alike would wrestle a bear to get their hands on the new Prada collection to add to their wardrobes, it’s just that pristine. In the 2013 spring summer collection Prada sets the scene for a new focus in its visual menswear story.

Prada has enlisted the help of four leading men, two of them well known starts and the other two fresh and fantastic upcoming talents to add new individual style to their Spring/Summer 2013 menswear campaign. The stars Dane DeHaan known gor Chronicle, Benicio Del Toro of The Usual Suspects, Harvey Keitel of Taxi Driver and Reservoir Dogs and Aaron Taylor-Johnson from Savages have created a Prada campaign to be remembered. 

The images are black and white stills of the actors dressed in all Prada and looking as devilish as their characters have let us believed they are. All the way from their sharp suits to their men’s designer shoes every star looks a million dollars, just as Prada intended.


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