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2013 Prada Menswear

Prada has always been known for their sleekness, simplicity, attention to detail and most importantly, elegance. Men and women alike would wrestle a bear to get their hands on the new Prada collection to add to their wardrobes, it’s just that pristine. In the 2013 spring summer collection Prada sets the scene for a new focus in its visual menswear story.

Prada has enlisted the help of four leading men, two of them well known starts and the other two fresh and fantastic upcoming talents to add new individual style to their Spring/Summer 2013 menswear campaign. The stars Dane DeHaan known gor Chronicle, Benicio Del Toro of The Usual Suspects, Harvey Keitel of Taxi Driver and Reservoir Dogs and Aaron Taylor-Johnson from Savages have created a Prada campaign to be remembered. 

The images are black and white stills of the actors dressed in all Prada and looking as devilish as their characters have let us believed they are. All the way from their sharp suits to their men’s designer shoes every star looks a million dollars, just as Prada intended.


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