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Tommy John Summer Fall New Collection

It is great to be a man in an era where I have more options when it comes to finding great, well-designed underwear. Men no longer have to pick between comfort and style, we can have the best of both now. The Tommy John brand is notable for the consistent comfort; no stretching or sagging, even after repeated wearing and washing. They've just released their fall colors for their men's underwear collection, check out some of favorites below.

Tommy John have launched a new collection of mens underwear that you can see some of the range here.

These shorter stye and tight fit are what I would choose alongside the yellows below.

The looser fitting style of short is a prefference for many men.

Grey is a popular underwear colour.

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How To Cover Up In Style

Sometimes it can be hard to cover up in the winter without compromising on style. After all the effort you have put into creating a superb outfit, you do not want to be covering it up with a big old coat now do you? No one will see your perfectly put to together appearance underneath. So how can you cover up without compromising on your style? Well, as long as you have the right accessories, the correct coat and some stand out trousers, you can look right on trend while covering up this season. Here are a few tips to get you started.


1. Opt for a stylish coat - If you start off with a fashionable cover up, then you can dress around your piece. For the smart and sophisticated look, choose a pea coat or a car coat like the ones below.

2. Accessorise your cover up - Wear a stylish scarf, trendy pair of shoes or a sophisticated bag with your coat to add some extra style. Below are a few mens fashion items you could use to accessorise your cover up.

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