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What is the difference between leggings and yoga pants?


You may well ask and need to know as you have found a pair of leggings and want to know if you can do yoga in them or vice versa. "I like these yoga pants, can I just use them as leggings?" The short answer is yes.

Yoga pants are always good for normal use but don't buy yoga pants with a roll over top for normal use. Yoga has you do some very revealing poses and you need to check the material and nature of the material before you do yoga in them!  So if you see some leggings check the material thickness and what does it reveal.

But what is the difference.

Historically the style of yoga pants had a flare leg. However the style has changed and this is why the question comes up more and more. So often both are skin tight. Bodycon is in for the foreseeable.

A key differentiator is the foldover top on yoga pants.

Leggins with a normal top.

As you know leggings exist to give warmth and comfort for leisure and can be word under dresses for this reason the material may be thinner than a yoga pant. But the thinner ones may be too revealing for yoga! You have been warned :) 

What are yoga pants made of?

Any blend of Cotton polyester, nylon, and spandex. Essentially materials which have a property of stretch and breathability. Lycra is an example of this though it is called different names so Spandex or Elastane are other versions depending on where in the world you are. But did you know that spandex is an anagram of expands. Here is a good read on the invention of it in 1958 by chemist Joseph ShiversLearn more

So now you know the difference between leggings and yoga pants!

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