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Vindoo Randhawa Bollywood Actor Arrested In IPL 2013 Spot Fixing

Vindoo Randhawa Bollywood Actor Arrested In IPL 2013 Spot Fixing

Vindoo Randhawa, Bollywood actor and the son of Dara Singh, the late wrestler was arrested on 21st May 2013. An official of the Mumbai Crime Branch b2ap3_thumbnail_Vindoo-Randhawa.jpghas stated that he is connected with the IPL 2013 spot fixing of cricket matches. After questioning, he was found to be connected to the bookies. Vindoo the 49 year old Bollywood actor had won Bigg Boss – Season 3, a reality show on television. He has been attending a number of post cricket match parties. On many occasions he has been found watching the IPL matches as well. In the Bollywood industry, so far he has been the first one to be arrested in relation to the Indian cricket scandal. Whether or not he is linked with the bookies and IPL players or just betting is not yet properly known. The Special Cell of Delhi Police is also been probing in the spot fixing scandal besides the Crime Branch, Mumbai. A casting director had been sending pictures of models to cricketer S Sreesanth who is now being questioned by the Delhi Police.


A producer of Telegu films is also known to be having links with Sreesanth, the tainted pacer of the Indian team. To lure the IPL cricketers into spot fixing the matches, it is suspected that honey traps could have been laid. Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila the other teammates of Rajasthan Royals have also been arrested on May 15th. They have been found indulging in spot fixing at least three matches in the IPL. Diaries containing entries in Malayalam and English written by Sreesanth, data card, cash up to Rs.2,70,000 and a laptop have been seized by the police. The casting director has photographs of dozens of models, emailed to Sreesanth as found in his laptop.

Sreesanth has always ensured to optimize his cricketing experience wearing some of the best cricket sunglasses in the world including brands like Ray Ban, Oakley, Addidas, Chanel, Fendi, Bvlgari, Carrera and many others. These cricket sunglasses have played an important role in the game. These sunglasses help provide ultimate protection from sunlight, ultraviolet rays of the sun and also help in making the cricketer look good too during the IPL 2013 matches.

In a statement, Sreesanth has stated that he is very innocent and has never indulged in any kind of spot fixing. He has been suspended by BPCL – b2ap3_thumbnail_Sreesanth.jpgBharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd, public sector Company where he was posted as Assistant Manager, in the Marketing Division at the Irumpanam office. The Keral Lottery advertisement also dropped him earlier. A new anti fixing law is been introduced by the government, states Kapil Sibal, law minister. He has had a meeting with Jitendra Singh, the sports minister and its approval is being sought from the Attorney General.

Sahara Pulls Out From The IPL

An unrelated development has occurred during the IPL 2013 season. After the spot fixing controversies, Sahara has decided to finally pull out of the IPL cricket matches. From the next season now, the Pune Warriors team will not be found taking part in the IPL tournament. This development seems to be completely unrelated. Sahara has stated that after December 2013, it will end its relation with the cricket team of India. Sahara has been the main jersey sponsors of the team as well.




Ankeet Chavan, Ajit Chandila And S Sreesanth In Police Custody For Five More Daysb2ap3_thumbnail_Ankeet-Chavan.jpg

Police custody of five more days has been granted to the trio, Ankeet Chavan, Ajit Chandila and S. Sreesanth by the Delhi police. The police are continuing with the investigations related to the recent IPL 2013 spot fixing of cricket matches. The court has denied bail to the eight bookies as well as the three cricketers. Out of the 11 arrested, judicial custody has been granted to the three of them.

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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