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How To Choose The Right Footwear For Your Exercise Style

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A proper form is critical to the success of your workout. That's why you don't disregard the importance of having the right footwear for exercising.

It's essential to find the right shoes that are comfortable and safe while you remain active. Here are four tips to help you choose a proper pair of shoes that fits your exercise style.

Consider Your Fitness Goals

Each person might have different fitness goals. One person might want to lift more weights, while you may want to increase your energy levels through cardiovascular exercises. Thus, you need to consider the exercise plan for the day when selecting the right footwear.

For instance, the exercise plan for the day is to increase strength through weight lifting. Lifting weights needs you to have a stable form. Practicing a firm and flat grip on the ground helps you maximize the effects of the exercises while ensuring your safety from injuries. Weightlifting exercises may need you to pick a pair of flat-soled shoes. Thus, consider leaving your thick-soled running shoes at home for now.

A Good Workout Starts With Good Footwear

However, you might want to increase more energy by running on a treadmill or around the neighborhood. If so, an excellent pair of running shoes might be your best bet.

Measure Your Feet 

If the footwear doesn't conform well to your feet, don't rely on fashionable shoes to wear while exercising. Make sure your chosen footwear is always comfortable regardless of the exercise you do. Hence, it's essential to measure your feet before you shop around for shoes.

Another tip is to measure your feet by the end of the day. You might be an active person, or your job may need you to walk around a lot. Using your feet might make this part of the body swell throughout the day. Also, the feet might expand every time you use them. So, it may be a recommended move to measure your feet when they're at their largest.

Also, wear socks when you're shopping around for exercise shoes. Many workout routines require you to wear proper footwear. Wearing shoes without socks might make the footwear's material absorb the sweat buildup on your feet. The heat combined with the sweat might create bacteria that might cause health issues, like smelly feet. 

Plan a day when you’re going to shop for shoes. Many pieces of footwear may not require you to wear socks. But, consider wearing socks for your shoe-shopping day, especially if you’re buying running shoes for men.

Examine Different Options

 The process of finding the right footwear doesn't end after considering your exercise style. Next, you should also look at the different exercise-friendly shoes available on the market.

Many shoes tend to have four parts, which are the:

  • Sole and Tread

These elements make are the ones that contact on the ground, and they also provide you the traction you need. These traits are ideal to prevent falling. Try to select fitness footwear where you find these components to be as comfortable as possible.

  • Heel Rise

This shoe component helps your heels to be slightly higher than your toes. The higher the heel, the more forward motion you'll have. Running shoes with a slightly elevated heel might be ideal for you to lean forward while exercising.

  • Toe Box

Also called the shoe width, the toe box is where your toes rest in the shoe. This area shouldn't be too loose or tight when you're working out.

  • Ankle Support

The material that lands around the ankle is the ankle support. It shouldn't restrict your range of motion while you're doing your preferred exercises.

Going to a physical shoe store might be an ideal option for you to try out different exercise footwear. If you want to buy online, consider reading online reviews first. 

Avoid Cheap Prices

It might be easy to buy a pair of exercise footwear at first glance because of its low price. But, you might want to think twice before purchasing those cheap shoes.

Specific shoemakers might use low-quality materials to keep the prices of their products as low as possible. These manufacturers aim to corner people that follow a very tight budget. But, these pieces of footwear might not give you excellent value. Instead, consider spending the extra money to buy an excellent pair of exercise shoes. 


Don’t disregard the importance of wearing the right shoes that fit your exercise style. You may also want to buy different footwear depending on your fitness regimen.

But, don't stop there. Consider wearing shoes that fit your current ensemble. Exercise footwear may not only need to be functional, but you may also want to make your shoes fashionable as well.

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