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How to learn to run

How to learn to run

How does one start to learn to run as exercise if you have never done so before ?
Just start running is one answer but you may find yourself hating it pretty quickly. So how can we learn to run so that we get fitter, faster and don't wreck our joints in the process. I have seen some people that are wrecking their bodies for sure. It may not be fun and be very hard going at first but if you take it steady I promise you will be heading to a pleasurable habbit. I take my music and its personal time to get the endorphins flowing and I sometimes get a runners high if I am training well and doing over 50 minute runs.

Do this:
Wear the right kind of clothing and support for your body type.
Make sure that you start at a very slow pace. What is that ? how do I know how slow to go as everyone will have their own slow. As a rule of thumb try just double your walking pace. Even from scratch I am trying to get you to be able to run for 10 minutes then 20. The first 10 minutes might be really hard for you – but set that goal. I don't need to tell those of you who can get to 10 to try for the 20.
Try and build up to 30 minutes without stopping.
Try and run 4 times in a week spacing them out and do it at the same time every day if possible.
Make sure to stretch at a minimum the hamstrings and the calves. Quads if possible too. I would encourage some yoga poses if not a yoga class per week.

Don't do this:
Run too fast too quickly, the idea is to train yourself up. You will dislike it not see gains probably get joint pain and quit.
Run every day or more than 4 times, if you want to do something more then cross train (add a different kind of exercise).
Don't stretch. (Double negative here ;) I am saying you MUST stretch) its as important as the run or you will start to create a tight unfit for other sport (and life) bunch of muscles.

Following the above rules you WILL find yourself feeling more energetic and it will get easier and more pleasurable. When you get to the pleasurable or less like really hard work you can start to maybe increase the speed but watch out with that. Speed is the thing that will stop you running further, so experiment with longer runs at slower pace. You can also try for moments during your run to vary your stride, or focus on the calves.

Most of all take your time and try to be disciplined to keep the frequency up enough (at least 3 times per week)– too little and you won't make the gains and will plateau where you seem to go one step forward and one back… however of course twice per week is better than nothing and better than once, you could inject swimming or other sport to carry the momentum. And this is what good training is based upon really momentum – the cardio and the muscles get lazy between workouts if you have too big a gap.

I hope this gets you started in a way where you see gains and don't get put off by this wonderful free type of exercise. If you liked the read please like or G+ share the work. Thanks.

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