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Essential Holiday Wear

Essential Holiday Wear

Every girl should have a capsule wardrobe of the key items needed to go on holiday. Read through this checklist before you go away to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your break in style.


Hopefully, you are heading to a hot destination, where they have something called the sun. I know this sounds crazy, as we seem to have lived in perpetual darkness for around nine months, but in some parts of the world it is actually rather warm. As such, ensuring you pack a good pair of sunnies to protect your blinkers from the UV rays of the sun is a sensible idea. Plus, it means you can read on the beach or go for long walks in direct sunlight without getting a headache.


Although many of us, myself included, dread getting beach-ready, once you are actually at your holiday destination, you will be glad that you have brought at least one bikini with you. Everyone feels more relaxed on holiday and as such wearing a bikini and getting a healthy glow will only make you feel more confident about your body. Have a look online on website such as the New Look site for style inspiration. They have some gorgeous bikinis in styles to suit every figure.

Swimming Costume and Sarong:

Yes, wearing a bikini is the ultimate goal. However, you may have a day during your holiday when you don’t feel like exposing quite so much flesh. For this day, a swimming costume makes a nice alternative. Taking a sarong to the beach or to the poolside also gives you the option of covering up when you need to walk around, or for when you feel like you’ve had enough sun. Kaftans also make a good cover up item of clothing.

Sun Dress:

In the day, you won’t want to be wearing anything heavy or difficult to move around in, such as heavy cotton material or denim. A sun dress is perfect for sightseeing or meandering around the villa, as it is lightweight and comfortable even when your bikini or swimming costume is wet. As lightweight cotton is breathable, choose a sun dress made of this material so you don’t get too hot. There are some beautiful floral patterned sun dresses on the market at the moment.

Maxi Dress:

Everyone loves the maxi dress. It’s flattering, yet covers up any lumps and bumps you really don’t want on show. You can wear them in the day with flip flops and minimal jewellery, or you can dress them up at night with heels and a statement necklace or earrings. As they are available in so many different styles, there is a maxi dress to suit every taste this season.


If you are planning to do a lot of walking, it is a good idea to invest in some durable sandals, preferably made of leather, as well as bringing your flip flops.

By making sure you have these key items in your suitcase, you should enjoy a relaxing, yet stylish, holiday!

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