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The Most Expensive Homes in Beverly Hills

The beauty of Beverly Hills is well known, but that is not all it is known for. Beverly Hills is famous for its residents. The residents of Beverly Hills are often celebrities and they tend to live off the cream of the crop. Their living conditions are lavish and luxurious. Here's some of the most extravagant homes, going. Not only are these mansions the most expensive, per square foot- they come empty! You would really need a California interior design degree, in order to fill them up!

Hearst Mansion

There are mansions, and then there are mansions the size of Hearst Mansion. If the grandeur of this estate were not enough to widen your eyes, then its cultural background would certainly begin to pique your interest. Hearst Mansion was used for one of the scenes from the Godfather, and it was the honeymoon suite for JFK and Jackie. 

There are 29 bedrooms in this massive estate. For the guests luxury, there is a disco room and a theater built into the complex. It’s not lacking when it comes to water either. There is not one but three pools on the estate.

What does an estate like this cost? $165 million is the price set for this opulence.

Fleur De Lys 

Have you ever fancied yourself as as member of a European royal family? Well, if you can fork out the asking price, you would know exactly how it feels to be a member of European royalty.

Fleur De Lys is a European-inspired mansion. It’s size could hold multiple mansions, but that is not why people marvel. It has marble walls and limestone floors. . With a total of 12 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms, there is nothing short of accommodations for the largest of families, even a guest house for your guests. There is a 50-person theater, two kitchens, a gym, ball room and many more rooms that make this a to-die-for estate. Nothing but the best in luxury.

If you we’re interested in buying this home, and had the money, you would be paying $125 million to be the proud owner.

Wehba Mansion

Wehba Mansion is not your typical mansion in the U.S. It has a European flair for added effect. It doesn’t quite have the jaw dropping features of Hearst Mansion, but it does command a French-styled luxury.

Between the marbled columns and 24K gold gilt, there is not much more to had when it comes to luxury living. However, it has a modest 9 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, tennis court and pool pavilion to make your eyes sparkle.

This is the third most expensive home on our list in Beverly Hills, with an asking price of $68.5 million.

Luxury is certainly one of the other traits that Beverly Hills is known for, and if you were to live in any one of these mansions, you would be living something that goes a cut above luxury. You could imagine it to be something a king or queen would live in - yet most of these mansions are worth more than palaces.

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