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Day 6: Blogging España Style!

The wine available in the supermarkets here in Spain ranges from 99 cents to 4 euros and above. Generally, I go for a Spanish-produced red in the 1,30 - 2,00 euro bracket, such as the vino tinto Tempranillo pictured.


Now, I can just hear the cries of derision from Brits claiming, "It must be rubbish at that price!” - something I have heard many times before. And therein lies a deep naivety, since the Spanish people do not accept junk. Generally, they have refined pallets, do not overindulge, and certainly know about quality in the food and drink department.

The quality of my ‘budget’ wine is usually far superior to the processed screw-topped equivalents in British supermarkets, off-licences, and certainly wine bars and pubs.

Something to ponder when you're next spending £6, £11, and £20 on your bottle of wine in the UK.

On a final note, please opt for real cork stoppers, since cork production is a sustainable industry and the cork oak forests provide vital habitat for globally endangered species.


Location (Map)

Almería, Spain
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Monday, 25 September 2023

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