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4 Things to consider when Building your own Home

4 Things to consider when Building your own Home

There are many of us who share the ambition of building our own homes. Whilst it can be quite a costly thing to do, it is not impossible and just imagine the great satisfaction you will feel once it begins to take shape?

The estate houses that are being built today are very repetitive and have no character to them at all. By designing and building your own house, you are certain to have a building that is unlike any other and is designed exactly to your personal specification. However, there are a few things to consider before you begin to build your dream home to ensure you make the right choices.  

Prepare yourself

First of all, you need to mentally and physically prepare yourself for what you are letting yourself in for. If you think that the journey will be smooth and hassle free, you are most likely mistaken. From securing land to fixing nitty gritty problems, prepare to feel your stress levels rise.

Find the perfect land

Finding the right land to build a house on can be extremely challenging. First of all, think about the area in which the land is situated in, is it a place you would like to live? Secondly, it is pretty much impossible to build on an untouched, natural piece of land. Finally be cautious of buildings that were built before 1940 as they may have historic value and therefore can not be demolished.

Put up a fight!

Planning regulations are pretty strict in Britain but to get yourself heard and have your point put across, you can put up a fight to gain permission to build on your perfect piece of land. It is always an advantage if your building can somehow give something back to the community such as using materials from local stores.

Choose your architect carefully

You are best off choosing an independent or self employed architect who isn’t part of a big firm. Although bigger companies may be reputable, they are unlikely to be able to meet all of your requirements and be on hand 24/7 for anything you may need.

There are plenty of home interiors that are available at great prices which will be more forgiving towards your budget, so bare this in mind when it comes to buying bits for your new home.

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