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Fall 2018 Renovation Trends You Can’t Miss This Season

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After a relaxed summer outdoors, it's time to get back inside. Before the days become too dark and too short, you might want to take up a renovating project to spruce up home a little. If you're not too sure what you want to achieve and if it will work for your home, be inspired by the key renovation trends of the season.

Quirky Bathroom Tile

Okay, it doesn't have to be downright quirky, but it's essential it adds a bit of vibrancy to the bathroom. Changing the tile is a surefire way to change the look of the whole bathroom, but without spending too much. And since tiles are so vastly diverse, you're free to choose from basically everything. Do you want to change the color, or the structure, or do you want to add character by choosing an unusual shape of the tiles? Think things through, browse home interior magazines and the Internet, and decide on what works best and discovers your own character. Maybe it's hexagonal tile, or plain white with a pop of gold. Whatever it is, as long as it's not plain, it's a huge trend.

Sliding Interior Doors

This is especially attractive to lovers of clean, minimal Scandinavian design. Sliding doors showcase clean lines but it doesn't make them boring. Quite the contrary: not only do they work as doors (hello, Ms. Obvious!), but they add an element of design in your space that all the usual doors lack. If there's a large room in the house you would want to rebuild as two separate rooms, installing sliding doors can sometimes work as an excellent solution, and quite a cost-minimizing one, too.

Mix It Up

If you have difficulty deciding which home design style you like best, or which one works best for your particular home, your time has finally come. It's become immensely popular to mix and match, and it's a great way to create your own style that probably doesn't exist anywhere else in that exact way. Just select different elements of styles and designs you like and mix things up. Not only will you feel like an interior designer, but the end results will radiate so much of your own character.

Saving Energy at All Cost

Pun intended! Taking care of our Mother Earth has become one of the core ideas when it comes to virtually anything, and it applies to home design too. For example, if you live in an area with a lot of sunny days, you can downsize your utility costs by installing a solar water heater. These heaters are Eco-friendly and efficient, and even though they're a hefty investment, over the time it will definitely pay off. Another saving money renovation trend is the installation of multi functional window awnings. These external blinds not only keep the sun off the glass and thus reduce heat, but they also work as an isolation layer when you're using heating indoors. Apart from that, with their sensors to adjust for sun, wind or rain, they'll make it possible to spend time outdoors longer when the colder days hit.

Nature Indoors

Calling all nature lovers! Adding an element of nature can have huge benefits for your health and just that feeling of home you're sometimes missing, especially if you just moved or live by yourself and don't spend that much time back to your place. You don't have to create a small jungle inside: yes, plants work great, so think of adding some, but sometimes installing larger windows can do, as they will let a lot of light in. Or maybe you can consider using neutral tones when renovating a kitchen or a bathroom.

Movie-Like Showers and Tubs

If you're renovating your bathroom, this is something worth looking into: stand-alone showers and tubs. The majority of those you've seen was not a first-hand experience, but a photograph in an interior design magazine or an article about someone's fancy home. Luckily, this is getting less expensive and less complicated to make, so consider adding this luxurious element to change the whole bathroom. A stand-alone shower or tub adds a wow factor to any bath and gives you the feeling of playing the main role on the big screen.

Vintage Lighting

This is another movie-like feature, and it's actually not that expensive to install, especially if you find it at a flea market, or use one that belonged to your grandmother. We're talking a big, heavy, retro chandelier that has a Victorian vibe. And don't mind if your home is more modern in terms of design: as we mentioned, mixing eras and styles is very popular. This piece will easily become focal and steal all the attention in the room; only add it if you're bold and brave.

We love that interior design fashion has caught up with the runway fashion: it leaves a lot up to the owner and his or her own feeling of what goes and what doesn't go together. After all, it's you who lives in that space, so it's best to make it feel like you. Have fun renovating! 

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