Gente De Zona - La Gozadera featuring Marc Anthony

I'm never going to get my travel review for Puerto Rico written up at this rate you see England is just a busy place and not at all like this....
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That flute song christmas time 2014

Sometimes great ideas happen in music and this for me is one of those. And like all simple great ideas it makes you think - 

How come this didn't happen already ? As warner bros stopped my playing david guettas latest track - I shall do my gamerdj thing and lay it to some bf4 - the new final stand maps make me really feel like I am up there with the snow. But enjoy this track its going to get remixed so much and not always to the betterment but hey ho. Merry Christmas from Style Review.

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The Artists Making a Noise in Dancehall

Dancehall is going to get bigger and soon. It's a prediction I have based on some observations not least that hip hop needs a new direction. Really pleased that MUZU's first track tis week was a dancehall track in a big summertime compilation...for that track see here.

Vybz KartelSummertime No Games ( Explicit ) Love Tri-Angle Riddim

Hold me (this works better faster see dancehallofwar)

Jamie XX

Dancehall in Mainstream Music 2017


In this video early 2017 we see Popcaan ft Kyla titled Should've Been Me. I predict good things for this one its a fast but healthy burn as I think it may get old quicker but is instantly likeable.


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Coachella Festival 2013

(Image Source -


As Coachella draws closer, we can barely contain our excitement! We all know that the festival season truly begins when weekend one of Coachella in is full swing and there’s not much longer to wait with the first weekend launching on Friday 12th April. The weekend extravaganza will be fuelled with energising music from our favourite performers, beautiful Californian weather and fabulous fashion choices.


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Flo Rida - Good feeling

Flo Rida - Good feeling

Flo Rida – Good feeling

This is, personally an amazing music video, probably one of my all time favourites. Not only is the song very catchy, bouncy and makes you want to move but the video is very tech heavy and we get to see what someone like Flo Rida use’s all these different bits of kit for. The video includes super cars, some very cool looking exercise equipment and some fashionable clothing.

The video starts with Flo Rida, looking out over the landscape of a city, probably Los Angeles, dressed in a red training kit, which includes shorts, a hoody and sun glasses. The opening sequence feels like a Rocky montage from the future. We then see Flo Rida shadow boxing between double rows of boxing bags, followed by the rapper jogging in a black t-shirt and black shorts.

The sequence then moves onto Flo Rida preparing to and boarding a plane and landing in Paris. It is then that he finally starts rapping and the good times appear to start rolling. The first part of the video that catches my eye is the trick with I pad Flo Rida does. He holds it in front of his face and the screen shows him boxing, exercising and rapping. He shows several different videos by sliding his finger across the screen. My personal opinion is that this is the coolest part of the video.

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