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That flute song christmas time 2014

Sometimes great ideas happen in music and this for me is one of those. And like all simple great ideas it makes you think - 

How come this didn't happen already ? As warner bros stopped my playing david guettas latest track - I shall do my gamerdj thing and lay it to some bf4 - the new final stand maps make me really feel like I am up there with the snow. But enjoy this track its going to get remixed so much and not always to the betterment but hey ho. Merry Christmas from Style Review.

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Special Performances Only Seen in Myanmar

Like many people who go to a new destination, you probably want to see the popular sights and landmarks in an area, but part of doing things in style is seeing what makes a place truly special. With Myanmar, you can do that easily, such as going to one of the many special performances that are performed on a daily basis. Here is an introduction to some of your choices.

The Moustache Brothers

The Moustache Brothers consist of three men, Par Par Lay and Lu Maw, who are actually brothers, and Lu Zaw who is their cousin. The former trio had made their home in Mandalay, where the government put them under house arrest after they performed an “insulting” show at the home of Aung San Suu Kyi in 1996. Lay and Zaw even served 6 years in a labor camp for that performance.

Their performances, geared toward tourists, consist of slapstick humor, singing, and traditional Burmese dances and also act as mini politics and history lesson for the audience. Their act may not have changed over the years, but they feel, despite the change in government, there are still many basic issues not yet addressed.

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Reasons why you can take up dance whatever your age

It is every little girls childhood dream at some point to grow up become a ballerina. As we get older, these dreams get put to the side as real life takes over. It may be a scary thought to begin dancing as an adult. You probably don’t want to join a class full of younger and more experienced people for fear of being no good and embarrassing yourself, not to mention squeezing into a leotard and a tutu. However, these fears should be thrown out of the window. There are many local adult dance classes Surreyhas to offer who will welcome you with open arms. Not only will you thoroughly enjoy yourself but it is a fantastic way to keep fit and healthy. Here we look at the benefits of taking up dance and why you are never too old to start!

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