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Typical Mistakes That Guys Tend to Make When Choosing Engagement Rings


 Buying an engagement ring has its own complexities and you need to ensure that what you get is exactly right so that you can sweep your lady love off her feet and avoid awkwardness due to silly mistakes. Some of the top mistakes that you need to watch out for when choosing an engagement ring:

Not Knowing What She Likes

The ring you buy reflects how much you love her so you will want to give something that she'll absolutely adore. This means that you need to know her taste in jewelry. Even if you can't peek into her jewelry box to see what styles, shapes, and colors she likes, you should keep your eyes open and observe what she wears on your dates, what she swoons over when she walks past a jewelry store or sees an advertisement. If you are still clueless, you can try and make discreet inquiries from her close friends if you think they can keep it a secret.

Not Setting a Budget

To avoid being confused in the jewelry shop, you should try and set out a budget for the purchase after considering your finances and all the upcoming expenses of the wedding. Once you know what sort of ring she likes, it will give you a better idea of the expense that you will need to incur. Of course, the place and the time of your purchase has a big impact on the purchase price so you will find that you can possibly get a bigger bang for your buck if like savvy NYC gold buyers, you buy online and that too in an off-peak season to take advantage of discounts and sales promotions.

Deciding on the Ring Size by Guesswork

After doing your research and buying an engagement ring according to your budget, it can be terribly embarrassing to discover that the ring is either too tight and squeezing her finger or so loose that it keeps falling off. While you can use an eye-estimate, the best thing to avoid a disaster on the big day is to borrow one of her rings without her knowing or take the help of her close friends to do so and have it measured.

Looking Endlessly for the Perfect Ring

While you want to make the best impression and a buy a ring that's truly awesome without breaking your bank, it can be very frustrating to keep on searching for the perfect ring. Read up online on how to evaluate rings or consult a reputed jewelry store to know how to make compromises and save substantially without being obvious. For example, smaller diamonds instead of one large stone can save you a packet.


Buying an engagement ring can be exciting but easily turn frustrating if you don't plan it right. If you don't know much about jewelry, take the help of someone who does. Plan ahead and try to take advantage of the off-season for prices that can be significantly lower. Above all, try to buy something that she will love.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

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