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Bridesmaids Dresses That Make a Statement

Wedding is the biggest event in the life of any woman- we all concede then that a wedding is for the bride!  On the day of the event, it is expected that she must be the most flamboyant, gorgeous, and aesthetically stunning among all. But along with the bride, everyone’s eyes do gaze on the beautiful bridesmaids!

Bridesmaids dress do not necessarily have to be a burden in the closet, rather it create a wonderful statement and be an asset for future events if chosen carefully. Lets take a look at some of the things that every bridesmaid should consider before selecting her dress.

Things to consider When Selecting Bridesmaid Dress


The color:

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Some Tips on Wedding Planning | Is Your Wedding Hijacked?

wedding planning

Cover Photo Nao IsobeEveryone of us at least once came across a term wedding hijacking. This not so popular term is in a need of a brief explanation in order to be comprehensive to those who were lucky not to be involved in it or not to have witness one. In words, wedding hijacking means that a wedding will be subjected to different unpleasant situation usually created by the people you know, but sometimes by the people you have never seen before in your life, that are not intentionally planned, at least not consciously, and that will surely happen if one doesn’t choose wisely the organization team, the wedding venue, the designer, the food. That being said, it is important to take a closer look at those situations, in other words, to get an answer to a question: who are those people and what kind of situations can distract the attention from the wedding? I went to this beautiful wedding venue in Sydney only to find a bride crying. This is why?

Photo KristaHeffernan Instagram

Bridesmaid fashion obstacle

How to indulge every bridesmaid’s dress choice? Some people are lucky and don’t have any problems with it. Others are not. The answer to this obstacle is simple: just try to choose something that will be suitable than to force anybody to wear something not comfortable with. Think about it this way: you will have a special treatment at her wedding also.

Children's comprehension of the wedding day

It is not unusual that some choose not to invite kids to their wedding because they are kids at the end of the day and can cause a hijaking. Children go to a wedding assuming they play and perhaps get to eat cake- it feels like a party! And that is the truth because playing is their way of learning about life. One should always have that in mind regarding children. Imagine a situation where your future family refuses to come to your wedding because you decided not to invite children? There is always a solution that can indulge everybody. If you decide to have a garden wedding the children would be thrilled. On the other hand, since it is not recommended to insult VIPs or the business partners, the babysitter can become an honorary member of a “rescue team“. This extra expense is definitely worthy.

Long distance relatives you have never seen

If you have a huge family it’s a blessing, but it is also a problem considering guests list. In today's world one cannot achieve to maintain family links with everybody, but that’s not the problem, the problem involves the parents who tend to add every single person from your huge family to the guest list. This almost instantly lead to the question of the budget. On the other hand, if the budget is not the issue, the problem can be of a more personal dimension. Maybe one just doesn’t want “strangers” on their wedding. A very rational and serious talk with parents long before the wedding is more than a good option to resolve this unpleasantness. After all, parents are just trying to help and that should always be understood.

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