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3 Tips to Look Your Best on This New Year's Eve

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​It's New Year time and you obviously are busy planning how you want to spend the last night of this year and welcome 2019. New Year parties are the perfect occasion to take your style game to the next level. You want to ensure that all those pictures that are going to be on your IG are your best ever. 

So what do you have to take care of to ensure that you look your best on the glitziest night of the year? 

Your outfit determines how your entire look will shape up, so it is the one thing that you need to give most though to. Once you have zeroed in on the perfect outfit it will be easy to pull the rest of the look together. 

Here are a few tips for you to look effortlessly stylish and doubtlessly gorgeous for New Year's Eve.

1) Plan Well in Advance

​This is of utmost importance if you want to prevent a panic attack in the last minute. You cannot possibly rush out on the weekend and shop desperately to get your party look right. 

There is plenty of time if you start right away to decide upon the style that will suit you best and trends that you can carry well. Shopping in a hurry can cause you to spend more than necessary on stuff that you do not really need or want. 

Check out the latest trends and see what catches your fancy. If you have the figure, why not go for a sheer body-hugging jumpsuit? 

Shimmery dresses are all time favorites and you can opt for a short number or something more conservative. 

Ruffled dresses are also highly popular this season taking runways in Paris and Milan by storm. 

One trend that is going great is the gold metallic shade of virtually everything- from shoes to bags to dresses. Metallic fabric in golden, silver and other muted tones suit Indian skin fabulously. So do check out these styles if you like them. 

You can also try off-shoulder tops, dresses or gowns. Off-shoulder outfits are flattering to all body shapes, especially to pear-shaped Indian bodies. If you want to make it look chic, clinch it at waist with a snazzy belt. You can also show a bit of skin in off-shoulder dresses without going too skimpy.

​2) Shoes Matter

Once you have decided on the outfit, rest comes easy. Choosing the right shoes has a lot to do with the overall effect you want to achieve. Also, do take into consideration your comfort level and whether you will be on your feet for a long time or will do a lot of walking. 

Gladiator sandals and point-toe heels are much in vogue. They are not only comfortable but are also glamorous, and you can easily dance the night away in them. Pair gladiators with a short dress to look your best. 

Statement heels are also trending this season. You can go for glass, metallic or studded heels. If you are ready to splurge, consider this pair of rainbow heels from Salvatore Ferragamo that blends all trends into one! 

Tan, suede and nude sandals and heels are also in this season. So you can try to bring in these colour palettes also into your accessories.

3) Jewelry Rules

Decorated hoops and chandelier earrings are beautiful and complement all face shapes. Silver and rose gold are trending now and looks great when paired with dusky Indian skin tone. 

Handmade bracelets with beads, crystals and colored stones are popular. 

Stacked rings continue to rule jewelry trends well into 2016 as well. Rather than the thinner rings of last season, larger statement rings are in fashion. They may even cover the entire length of your finger! Elaborate hand ornaments with finger rings connected to bracelets are also trendy. Indian, Turkish and Egyptian and Greek elements are more pronounced in jewelry trends. 

Ear cuffs and stacked earrings give the feeling of multiple ear piercings on your ear. 

Meshed rhinestone bracelets, cocktail rings and stone drop earrings all add a dash of style to party wear. 

Elaborate neck-pieces in lace, beads, stones and pearls are in now. Many are crafted on fabric and are light and easy to wear. You can also check out bib jewelry that comes in a variety of designs. 


Deciding on your New Year's Eve outfit and look is not easy. But if you plan well and ensure that you do proper research you will be able to zero in on a look that is great on you.

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If you want a more sophisticated look consider pairing your outfit with diamond jewelry. An elegant diamond pendant, diamond rings or a lovely pair of earrings can give a fresh new look and take your outfit from simple to glamorous in no time.

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