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4 Ways for Men in 40s to be Stylish: How to Stay Trendy with Timeless Pieces

Being stylish is ageless; in fact age has nothing to do with fashion or style factor; no matter whether you’re in your 40s or 50s, you can still look trendy and fashionable.

The fashion, style, and grace would become even more refined as you age. As you grow up, you feel secure and become confident in terms of lifestyle, relationships, and career. Men over 40s think differently and the way they groom is far different from those in mid 20s and 30s. So, it is the age that should signify who you’re and you should look and feel confident at every step.

Having a style of your own should reflect your confidence and timeless style; here are some ways to look fashionable and stylish in this peak time of your life.

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Style for your 40's | By esquire

Ragazzi Designer Clothing

Keep It Simple

Keeping it simple doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to opt for only neutral or dull colours; few men even at this age try bright colours that are used only by young crowds. When you go for shopping, you can find plenty of collections, so go and try ‘em out; but, ensure to choose a simple outfit rather than funky ones.

Shop Online

It is better to shop online, as you get to know various styles, and colour choices for your age; Ragazzi Designer Clothing is one of the leading designer menswear clothing store that has gained tremendous reputation for offering latest brands and unique style. The exceptional customer service rest assures that you get great service when shopping online.


Look at Timeless Collections Over Loud Patterns

Leave the flashy ties and loud patterns, but instead choose sophisticated, subdued, and timeless collection that comes a long way. Your dressing should be impeccable and crisp that can be accomplished via simple and clean appearance. Invest in a classic pair of trousers, if you spend quality time in gym, shaping up yourself. If you aren’t in great shape, you can opt for pleats that cover up extra pounds. Wool slacksand natural fibres work great. You can buy simple denim jeans, but don’t go for baggy or torn look. Ragazzi has great selection of jeans, shirts and excellent customer service that can assist you in finding the right pair for your personality.

Men in 40s to be Stylish

Be Careful With Colour Selection

If you want to display your inner confidence and sophistication by wearing flashy prints, then it is a big NO! Tans, blacks, and browns are great colours that do not fade away or get out of style soon.

If you want to add splash of colours to clothing, not bad, but make it a point to have one or two and not a whole wardrobe filled with flashy colours. Brown trousers and cream collared shirts look great on men with blue eyes and dark hair. If you’ve dark or tanned look, you can go for cool tones, such as light blues or even light purple shades. Lighter skinned ones look great in warmer, darker colours.

You can add some modern trends with retro fashion to create your own style, but don’t overdo it during your late 40s and 50s, because you need to look elegant, and not like a 20 year old crazy kid!

Author Bio - This post has been contributed by Craig Mark, who frequently writes about fashion and menswear for those who’re in their 40s and 50s.

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